MechaStellar – Unit Roster Update November 2022

We pushed out most of this months update earlier in the month with this post. To finish off this month we’ve finished up the Getter Robo 1974 Narrative Campaign which finishes just prior to the appearance of Getter Robo G. We’ve also added a Narrative Campaign for Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact (Shin Mazinger) and released unit profiles for Zeus, Hades and even Flying Fortress Ghoul.

Summary of all updates below the break.

Rules Update Summary

  • Cost reduction for Skilled and Ace Pilots
  • Army Momentum brackets back to 500/1000/15000/2000+
  • Improved Universal Skill – Make it Count to instead be +1 Action or +1 Critical Hit
  • Tactical Advantage streamlined to simply be +1 Critical Hit
  • Added new Endurance mode for Defend the City / Rampage to allow for waves of enemy reinforcements

Unit Profile Update Summary

  • Adjusted traits that used to give +1 Focus to instead give +1 Accuracy such as Headhunter or Hunting for a Rival
  • Fix error for beam carbine/heat attack profiles:  units affected Zeon Amphibious units, GM Command Space, Neue Ziel, Mazinger Z, Doublas M2, Glossam X2
  • Fixed error on Gebera Tetra, older profile replaced with newer profile

Stellar Warships

  • All ships received Move+1, HP+1000, and a Cost decrease
  • AA Guns now ignore the Defense array trait

Roster & Mission Pack Update

  • Mazinger Z +4 Units & Narrative Campaign Missions 1-4
  • Getter Robo +9 Units & Narrative Campaign Missions 1-6


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