MechaStellar FEB23 Update – VER 8.8 Released

For this February’s update we are updating the Core Rules to VER 8.8 with a renewed focus on trimming down Mental Math we’ve updated several Pilot Traits and the Focus action. We’ve also updated the short range weapons (16″) including beam boomerangs, heat rods and the infamous Rocket Punch as well as Machine Guns and Gatling Guns. Lastly, “Finishing Blow” has been added to add some more variety to Melee combats when it comes to assigning ATK and DEF dice.

We’ll have two in-depth posts exploring the weapons update and the focus/pilot traits update, here’s the first one focusing on short range weapons and machineguns. We’ve also updated the VER 8 Example of Play to match the rules update. Below the break you’ll see the summary list of updates for MechaStellar VER 8.8

Unit Roster Additions – G Gundam

  • Based on the results of the poll on our downloads page, G Gundam was the runaway victor. This month we’ve released profiles for Shining Gundam, Gundam Maxter, Rose Gundam, Dragon Gundam and Bolt Gundam.
  • We are trying out a new layout on the G Gundam units splitting up traits between those that need to be activated (i.e. by losing Momentum or HP) and those which are always on passive traits. If it’s liked we can backport it to other units with large amounts of traits (i.e. GP03 and Neue Ziel) but not all units.

Core Rules

  • To address a frequently asked question added a note about pre-measuring in the movement section.
  • Tweaked language on Battle Damage to help out players who often scoop up their dice after failing their Armor Save and before consulting the Battle Damage table.
  • Didn’t catch this in the last update but Cover was meant to change to engagement range (3″ for small minis) instead of the previous 2″
  • Based on feedback updated the Focus option to shoot in melee to be restricted to Skilled and Ace pilots.
  • To reduce the Mental Math burden updated the Focus action to provide +1 Shot/+1 Hit instead of an Accuracy bonus
  • Added in Finishing Blow to the Melee Clash to add more strategy when dividing up ATK & DEF dice
  • Updated Glory to be a flat bonus for units with Melee stat of 10d10 or greater
  • Added a way to move an additional 5″ to the SRW module to deal with opponents very far away.

Pilot Traits

  • To clarify confusion on the order of traits changed wording on several traits to specify you choose your bonus when the unit activates (i.e. +1 PEN or +100 DMG). 
  • Removed the Focus action boost from Mechanical Genius since it overshadowed Fighting Spirit.
  • Updated wording on merciless melee for bonus melee attacks.
  • Lone Wolf updated to M+1 when the nearest ally is 16″ away.
  • Based on Feedback upgraded Killer Instinct / Exam to have a more potent Defensive ability. Adjusted Berserker to match as the melee counterpart, adjusted Berserker Mecha Traits for Eva Unit 01, Blue Destiny and Nobel Gundam units to match the new pilot traits. 
  • Since our design goal was to reduce mental math we heard feedback from a lot of folks that adding in +1 Evade to pilot traits did not help with that.  Immortal, Overconfident, Untouchable, Elusive & Daring Captain were swapped to instead Block 2 Shots for every point of Momentum used on Skill Defense.   Also updated Jamming & Cloaking.
  • Changed Seasoned Veteran & Untouchable to activate against Lower Level Pilots not just Level 0 Pilots, this way it provides a benefit to Ace Pilots vs Skilled Pilots.  Changed Headhunter to be +1 Hit vs Tier 1-2 Pilots.
  • Close Combat Expert and its upgraded Tier II forms were adjusted since often times a melee oriented unit who did not take those traits was often worse off than one who did (especially those with High Crit weapons), in order to provide more choice and versatility for pilots we adjusted it to provide a useful universal bonus.

Unit Profiles

  • Fixed an HP on error on Efreet Nacht/Custom, GM Sniper II, Night Seeker I/II, GM Cannon II, GM Custom, Cherno Alpha, Boss Borot, Garadoublas and Hell King Gordon.
  • Fixed an Evade error on Dra-C Custom & Gaghiel, should be +3 vice +4 and Gyan Cannon should be +4 vice +3.
  • Adjusted Gundam Ground Types to have less HP but better movement and Evade, now players with a thematic army will have matching movement rates for the Gundam and GM Ground types. 
  • Adjusted Guncannons & Full Armor Gundam to have more HP but lower Evade.   Fixed Role on Mudrock.
  • Fixed Bullrush ability which was using text from an older Version of the game rules.
  • Adjusted Crushing Strength and Lashing Energy to force an Armor Save taking advantage of the new 1000 DMG Armor Save paradigm
  • Adjusted Slow & Laborious trait to reduce points cost further but apply a -1 Evade penalty.  Series affected: Pacific Rim, Big O, Evangelion.
  • Updated Brawler to instead provide a bons to Finishing Blow with Close Combat [CC] weapons.
  • Updated Escaflowne’s “The Cursed Dance” to differentiate it from High Sync Ratio from the Evangelion units and better represent its series. 
  • Updated Ye Not Guilty, Big Bang Punch and This Hand of Mine to take advantage of the new Finishing Blow system.


  • Lowered range on Big Zam’s Death Ray weapon.  Upgraded Buster Rifle and Cross Explosion, adjusted profiles for Sachiel, Zeruel and Wing Gundam.
  • Adjusted Guntanks such that Howitzer Hands is an equipment choice and not a cost+ skill modifier
  • Another Overhaul of thrown weapons and short range weapons (heat rods, beam boomerangs, etc.)  Since these are the common weapon for melee types the design goal was to make them desireable by Melee units.  The simple solution was to sidestep relying on a Melee units low shooting accuracy and provide automatic hits.
  • Adjusted high shot weapons such as Machine Guns and Gatling guns to follow a similar design paradigm
  • Fixed Gerbera Tetras rifle to comply with design guidelines for beam machine gun type weapons (DMG 100)
  • Adjusted Artillery Cannons to match Sniper Rifles where the Max shots is 4, the upgraded cannons will instead provide a different bonus.  Units affected: Guncannon, Mudrock, Dom Cannon, Gyan Cannon, Xamel, Tragos, Coyote Tango. 
  • Upgraded Beam Rifle & Beam Carbine/Heat Ray to have +1 RF.  Gave Beam Carbine/Heat Ray +1 PEN
  • Split the Micromissiles Profile into a short range high attack and overwatch Needle Missiles and longer range micromissiles.  Downgraded Hits for Stellar Warships [AA] Micromissiles.
  • Rebalanced remaining missiles to focus on more shots but lower damage since feedback we’ve gotten over time is that missiles (aside from Micomissiles) felt rather anemic in the number of shots.

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