VER 8 Change Log

Core Rules Updates

September –

  • Updated rules for Stellar Warfare
  • Focus action can now give +3 Power for Titans
  • Disengage costs an additional [M-1] if you want to attack afterwards
  • Close Combat [CC] weapons also push your target outside of engagement range
  • Improved HP for Titans and units where Reinforce > Frame
  • Rebalanced movement focusing on shortening the gap between the extreme ends of movement
  • Rebalanced Evade, most units received +1 Evade
  • Updated costs. Most units had their costs increased by +10
  • Adjusted combat roles
  • Long range weapons (i.e. sniper rifles and artillery) now have a shots penalty in rapid fire range
  • Adjusted range for Indirect Fire
  • Lowered Power draw cost for Beam Cannons and Artillery weapons on Titans

August –

  • Released rules for Stellar Warfare and Stellar Warships
  • Added two new Stellar Warships – Zeon’s Musai class cruiser and the Federation’s Salamis class cruiser.
  • All-Out Attack Pilot Skill switched from +10 Power for Titans to be double their power rating instead.
  • Persevere Pilot Skill changed to M-1, when below 50% reduces damage by an additional 100.  This broadens the use of the Skill so it’s useful outside of DMG 300 and below attacks.
  • Added note to the Cover section to instantiate that when drawing LOS units obscured receive a cover bonus
  • Added note to AOE weapons that they can only destroy at most 2 pieces of cover to fix a loophole in the Rampage / Defend the City game type.
  • Updated Battle Damage so Main Camera is 2-3 on the d10 roll.  Added -1 ACC to Main Camera damage.
  • Updated several Commands & Events (Self Destruct, Last Shooting, Narrow Escape, Missile Screen)

July –

  • Added two Universal Skills for Skilled and Ace Pilots only.  Removed the Skill cost effect of Pilot Level.
  • Added “Target a unit in a Melee Engagement” to the “Take the Shot” skill.  Removed this effect from the Sniper role.
  • Update Giant Slayer, All-Out Attack & Tear through the Ranks.  Rebalanced [M] costs on all Pilot Skills.
  • Added Remote Weapons to Advanced Rules section
  • Gunner’s Gambit removed.
  • Updated cost brackets for Momentum (600 per M:3 vice 500 per M:3).  Momentum is capped at 10.
  • Clarification to Titan Power Usage – Power can be allocated at any time but power stays assigned until the units next turn
  • Updated failed Armor Save for Titans to instead be +1000 DMG
  • Unified and combined Battle Damage charts for MS & Titans.
  • Rebalanced Giant Slayer Skill to be a scaling PEN bonus instead of DMG; Mayhem Skill to be an Overwatch Attack; Vulcans Skill to be once per unit per round
  • Added Gritty MS Battles optional module for small games (Double HP, Shield Breaks, more Battle Damage)
  • Added Infantry / Guerilla Ambush Event
  • Added a page at the end to walk through Mecha Profile Sheets
  • Various Typo and formatting fixes
  • Split Core Rules into Core Combat Rules and Versus / Coop Rules

Versus / Coop Rules Updates


  • Updated Close combat expert and Merciless Melee to give Melee 4+ and Crit 9+.  Removed that benefit from the Melee role.
  • Updated Gunnery Expert, Furious Fusillade and Deadeye to instead give +8″ Range or +1 Accuracy.
  • Updated Fighting Spirit to give a bonus when HP<50% or M=0.  Bonus M+1 on Melee Attack.
  • Added Army building page
  • Added Unit Upgrades for Points Matching
  • Added section on battlefield size
  • Added full page for Simple Battle.  Revised Confrontation, Secure the Objective, Defend the City.
  • Mechanics Expert and Fearsome now allow for a +100 DMG option in lieu of +1 PEN.  Practiced Professional gives +1 HIT.
  • Added Tactician Pilot Trait that allows you to give an ally a Focus action. Updated some MS Profiles with the new trait.