MechaStellar October Roster Update – Version 8.5 Released

For this months update we are continuing with the Mazinger Z series releasing an additional 13 mecha units profiles found on the downloads page. We’ve also updated the MechaStellar core combat rules to VER 8.5. This is a small but important update with key changes to Indirect Fire and Obscuring cover based on feedback from players. It also makes some changes to Stellar Warfare and of course balance changes to existing units. Read more below the break.

Mecha Roster Additions

  • 13 Additional units from Mazinger Z

The additional profiles includes the Diana A from the Toei series as well as the remaining Kikaiju and Mazinger army units from Shin Mazinger Edition Z: The Impact! including Venus A, Boss Borot, Baron Ashura and Hell King Gordon. With this the remaining profiles for Shin Mazinger will be Zeus, Hades, and Flying Fortress Ghoul. In the future when we release Getter Robo G, we will also release Great Mazinger.

Core Rules Update

  • Made several changes to Indirect Fire based on player feedback
  • Clarified language on Cover and added “Obscuring” cover based on player feedback
  • Adjusted “Make it Count” skill to give a Focus action to take advantage of the new +3 Power option for Titans.
  • Adjusted the “Three Times as Fast” Commander Trait to give additional rerolls

Mecha Unit Profile Updates

  • Changes to melee weapons that give +X DEF.  Units affected: Shenlong Gundam, Gyan EOS
  • Changes to PEN 3 Melee weapons.  Units affected: Talos Statue, Cherno Alpha, Scunner,
  • Fixed error on PEN for Beam Sabers and derivatives
  • Fixed Bullrush trait which was using older rules
  • Improved the Noble / Idealist Pilot trait
  • Clarified language for Elusive and similar traits
  • Changed Renowned Pilot and similar traits to be upon activation instead of end of round
  • Improved Legendary Pilot/Captain, Furious Fusillade and Merciless Melee and related traits
  • Adjusted AOE weapons such as Mega Beam Launcher or Deathray to have less shots at longer distances but improved range.

Stellar Warfare Adjustments

  • The additional movement for space comes with a tradeoff of turning off Rapid Fire
  • Clarified penalty for opposite direction movement in space
  • Stellar Warships become Cover when destroyed

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