MechaStellar Battle Report – Mazinger + Getter + Gundam vs Kikaiju + Mechasaurus + Zeon

Mazinger Z Getter Robo Gundam

Here’s the third game in our final round of testing for the Mazinger Z units, we of coursed wanted to finish with a Getter Robo teamup so we included the Getter team plus a beefy Mechasaurus. The models used are the Gundam 1/300 S.O.G. line, Mazinger Gashapon, Getter Robo KT figure, and the Mechasaurus is being represented by the Machine Saurer gashapon. You can read more about figures here for Gundam, Mazinger and Getter. Previous game can be found here.

Below the break will be a short battle report and photos of the game along with a post mortem discussing the mecha tactics employed for the Mobile Suits, Mazinger, Getter, and the Kaiju.

Agg and Acguy starring in a buddy cop film near you

Round 1

Mazinger Z Garada K7 Doublas M2

Mazinger wins initiative and uses its Rocket Punch on Garada before charging into Melee, Garada barely survives but fails to get through the Super Alloy Z on its turn.  Guntank is up next and uses IDF to shell the Zaku I Sniper position, The Zaku Sniper cannot see Guntank so it instead fires on the Heavy Gundam who burns Momentum rather than risk an armor save vs the Beam Sniper Rifle. 

Heavy Gundam Agg Guy

The Heavy Gundam is a skilled pilot and ignores the Return Fire rule and instead unloads on the nearby Gouf with its frame launcher (Gatling + Missile launcher combo) and thanks to its High Ground advantage the Gouf was completely demolished; the Gouf player lamented deploying him within rapid fire range and losing them so soon. Afterwards the Heavy Gundam charged into melee with the Agg Guy slicing it in half with its Beam Saber. 

Out for revenge the Acguy fires its megaparticle cannon into the back of Heavy Gundam, who burns 5 Momentum to avoid an Armor Save, the Acguy then hides in cover.  Guncannon takes the fight to the Agg trying to protect the Guntank, it barely survives and bum rushes Guncannon who risks it on an Armor Save from the giant drill and luckily survives. 

Getter Robo Mechasaurus

The Mechasaurus is up next and crashes into Getter Robo, it’s large tail nearly crushing it; Getter-1 retaliates with its Tomahawk taking off a big chunk of HP.  Lastly Doublas fires two heat rays into the back of Heavy Gundam who passes both Armor Saves.  It then charges into Mazinger, mostly for the Momentum gain, but it whiffs in melee and Mazingers fist smash into it dealing 1500 DMG on counterattack.

Round 2

Guntank Guncannon Agg Agg Guy Heavy Gundam Acguy

Momentum pools  Villains – 7  Heroes – 5

The Heroes is up first Getter-1 goes all in on Melee but fails to decapitate the Mechasaurus, who on their turn nearly crushes Getter-1 but the Getter Machines dissassemble and reform into Getter-2; Getter-2 forces the Mechasaur out of Melee and fires its Rocket Drill seriously depleting the Villains Momentum pool. 

Free to choose the next activation the Villains go with the Agg and his giant drill arms but alas the Guncannon fends off its assault, but luck is not with him for he dies during a melee counterattack next turn.  Things take a turn for the worse as the Acguy takes out the Guntank. 

Zaku I Sniper

Mazinger is up next, he thrashes Doublas in melee while a Rust Hurricane spells the end for Garada.  Doublas survives and returns the favor then fires both its Heat Rays into Mazinger dealing 5000 DMG this turn.  Heavy Gundam is up next, it unloads into the Mechasaur’s backside finally putting it down then its beam saber slashes through the Agg and its giant drill arms.    The Zaku Sniper puts a shot into his backside but a lucky roll saves him.

Round 3

Mazinger Z Doublas M2 Getter-2

Momentum Villains – 5, Heroes – 3

Heavy Gundam isn’t expected to survive this turn and so goes first, blasting away the Zaku I Sniper (in hindsight Getter-2 should have gone first).  Doublas is next and turns both heads onto Getter-2, who is destroyed, then smashes into Mazinger.  Mazinger fires off a Rocket punch at the Acguy (who evades) and Doublas before smashing Doublas in Melee. 

Heavy Gundam Agg Guy Acguy

The brave Acguy treads forward firing a rocket barrage into Heavy Gundam’s backside who survives with 100HP!

Round 4

Agg Heavy Gundam Agg Guy Acguy

Momentum Villains 5, Heroes 1

Villains can’t catch a break and lose initiative again.  Heavy Gundam goes first (in hindsight Marzinger should have gone first for the easy Momentum gain) and miraculously the nimble Acguy manages to avoid a barrage of missiles and gatling fire; the humble Acguy then brings down the Heavy Gundam. 

Mazinger finishes off Doublas in Melee, then uses Full Throttle to strike the Acguy from behind who rolls another amazing Evasion and avoids getting melted.

Round 5

Acguy Mazinger Z

Momentum Villains 1, Heroes 5

The Villains finally wins initiative, the Acguy fires its megaparticle gun and bravely charges into Melee.  It is a valiant last stand but on Mazingers turn the Acguy finally gives up the fight.

Acguy Mazinger Z

Heroes  Total VP 29 VP

Primary: Units (17VP),  Pilots (5VP), Commander (3 VP)

Secondaries:    Surprise Assault (+4 VP), Bonds on the Battlefield (+1 VP), Repel the Enemy (+5 VP)

Penalties: Unacceptable casualties (-4 VP), Lost a Prototype (-2 VP)

Villains  Total VP 33 VP

Primary: Units (21VP), Pilots (6VP), Commander (0VP)

Secondaries:  Target the Prototype (+5 VP), Last Bastion (+0 VP), Dominate the Battlefield (+5 VP)

Penalties: Unacceptable casualties (-2 VP), Lost a Prototype (-2 VP)

Post Mortem

Villains (Zeon + Kikaiju + Mechasaurus)

This game went really fast since we had just played similar forces with Mazinger+Gundam. We had a chance to try out different strategies and I’m surprised I won, because I thought for sure I was defeated in Round 4. I got lucky in that I was able to take out Getter Robo on a turn where my opponent had little Momentum left, knocking off Getter Robo earned me a bunch of points both on Primary and Secondary objectives.

Heroes (Gundam + Mazinger + Getter Robo)

I had my opponent on the ropes, or at least I like to think I did. This was really fun, we don’t always use the alternate deployment method but it was a blast here. In the first round it makes choosing who you will activate so important, it’s almost like a game of chess. I got to take out some key units early because of that with the Heavy Gundam taking out several weaker opponents. I was hoping to keep that going and protect my artillery units but unfortunately they got overwhelmed early. Had I played a little smarter and activated different units in later rounds I think I could have kept Getter Robo alive. I also wasn’t expecting the Mechasaurus to hit so hard, that’s my mistake for underestimating them.

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