MechaStellar Battle Report – Mazinger + Getter + Gundam vs Kikaiju + Mechasaurus + Zeon

Mazinger Z Getter Robo Gundam

Here’s the third game in our final round of testing for the Mazinger Z units, we of coursed wanted to finish with a Getter Robo teamup so we included the Getter team plus a beefy Mechasaurus. The models used are the Gundam 1/300 S.O.G. line, Mazinger Gashapon, Getter Robo KT figure, and the Mechasaurus is being represented by the Machine Saurer gashapon. You can read more about figures here for Gundam, Mazinger and Getter. Previous game can be found here.

Below the break will be a short battle report and photos of the game along with a post mortem discussing the mecha tactics employed for the Mobile Suits, Mazinger, Getter, and the Kaiju.

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MechaStellar Roster Update – Mazinger Z

Mazinger Z Art Album Cover

Mazinger Z is a classic series from the 70s with both a manga and several TV shows and OVA adaptations. Along with Getter Robo and Tetsujin-28 it is one of the original super robot series, with Mazinger being the first piloted super robot, while Tetsujin-28 who appeared earlier was controlled remotely.

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[MS] September Update – MechaStellar VER 8.4 Released

For Septembers roster update we have 24 new mecha unit profiles including the foundational Super Robot series, Mazinger Z.  We are also releasing MechaStellar VER 8.4 Core Rules which streamlines some items in the Stellar Warfare section and provides another option for [Focus] as well as changes to Disengage.  Lastly, there’s a large balance update that will address some points cost issues, movement and evade as well as improving the durability of some units. 

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