[MS] Tactics – GP01 Zephyranthes

Gundam GP01 Zephyranthes is very similar to the RX78-2, both in aesthetics and in playstyle.  While designing this unit we wanted it to feel familiar for those who have been using the RX78-2 while providing some upgrades expected of the 0083 era.

GP01 is a strong unit able to stand its ground in both ranged and melee combat.  It’s also more evasive and considerably faster.  Since GP01’s role is to be the protector unit for GP02 we opted to give it the Interceptor role improves Evasion in lieu of the standard Battler role which has a higher Melee bonus.

While Kou shares the same Mechanics trait with Amuro, where previously the +1 PEN was very beneficial Kou can make good use of the +100 DMG option when using the assault rifle.  In the early sections of 0083 the GP01 used the same rifle as the GM Custom’s it worked alongside, when facing off against the Kimberlite Forces in Africa it used both to great effect.  The Mayhem skill is always a good option, just like with the GM Customs.

Later in the show when they first make it into space GP01 suffers extreme damage at the hands of Cima Garahau’s Gelgoog Marine Commander.  She curses the heavy armor on the Gundam as her repeating beam rifle slams into it over and over again as the GP01 floats helplessly in space.  After surviving the encounter the GP01 is repaired and upgraded into the GP01-Fb; with two massive verniers on its shoulders it has unprecedented mobility; albeit a much greater strain on the pilot with the way it is able to slam the thrusters and reverse directions.

On the tabletop GP01 has an extreme amount of movement for a unit from the early Universal Century.  Your movement will often be 50% to 100% higher than many of Zeon’s units.  It’s Evasion has improved once again, although the Shooting Accuracy has taken a hit to account for the extreme forces the pilot is feeling.  For those of you who have had a chance to field the Tallgeese you can expect a similar playstyle here, the difference being the Tallgeese is the underdog against the Gundam’s from Wing while GP01-Fb is considerably stronger than most of Zeon’s rank and file units.

The GP01-Fb makes its debut against the Val Varo (or Val Walo) mobile armor whose powerful beam launcher causes the Shield on GP01 to bubble before being rendered useless.  When grasped in its powerful lobster-esque claws the GP01 pulls off a surprising maneuver, making use of the mid-air transformation sequence it decoupled it’s top section from it’s legs then pulls off a final charge towards the Val-Varo with its beam saber.  On the unit profile this is represented by the “Sudden Decoupling” trait which allows you to blindside on a Melee attack.

GP01 continues its chase of Anavel Gato and the stolen GP02.  Both units meet for a final climactic clash where Gato finally sees Kou as an equal; as the two Gundam’s fight as brother against brother in an explosive finish.  For the GP01-Fb we’ve upgraded Kou to an Ace Pilot and given him the “Hunting for a Rival” trait to match.  For skills we recommend Vulcans, Persevere, Unbeaten, and Return Shot.

Next post will be GP02!

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