[MS] Tactics – GP02 Physalis

Gundam GP02 Physalis is on the more unorthodox Gundam’s.  A Gundam developed to use a nuclear warhead it changed Federation naval policy in one fell swoop.  For this post we’ll look at tactics for use with this unit and its variants.

In its standard form the GP02A it has no primary ranged weapons aside from its Vulcans though it does boast a powerful beam saber and impressively large shield.  The Shield and thick armor is designed to allow the GP02A survive the nuclear blast, so it’s no surprise that it is extremely hard to take down.  As we see in the opening of Gundam 0083 its shield easily shrugs off beam cannon fired from the GM Cannon II.  Despite the heavy equipment it still boasts an impressive speed allowing it to keep up with Dom type units.

GP02 has a solid Melee presence as well, it is its primary weapon after all to defend itself.  Gato, the Nightmare of Solomon, is a legendary pilot that new cadets study.  While on the battlefield he generates Momentum for your army and makes his own Pilot Skills cost another 1 less, for a total of -3.  For Gato we recommend using the “Fire Vulcan’s Skill” which is especially potent with a Frame 5 unit and an excellent tool for dealing with chaff.  For a 2nd skill “Unbeaten” would be a great choice.  Barring that you may want to consider Accelerate if you’re concerned about movement.

Two variants are listed for the GP02 the first is the Beam Bazooka (BB) variant which adds a potent ranged weapon with high damage and high penetration.  For this unit you may want to consider “Make it Count” in lieu of “Unbeaten” for your Pilot Skill. 

The second variant is a Multiple Launch Rocket System or “MLRS” for short.  With six rocket containers on its back this allows GP02 to have more ranged firepower.  You may want to consider “Take the Shot” as a pilot skill to ignore a Shield or provide additional range.  You could also consider the “All-Out Attack” skill if you want to send every rocket on the same target; although it may be overkill unless you’re target is another Gundam.  Since the rockets are single use you will want to be judicious with how you use them.

Next post will be GP04 Gerbera

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