MechaStellar Version 8.1 Released

As promised here’s our large update for July. 8.1 includes minor tweaks to the rules based on feedback we’ve gotten from our players. We’ve also split the main rules document into Core Combat Rules and Wargaming Rules (Versus & Cooperative Modes).

It’s been one year since VER 7 released which was a large leap forward, VER 8 released in 2022 keeping most of VER 7 while overhauling and updating the Melee and Pilot systems. With VER 8.1 we’ve made some small tweaks which you can see highlighted in blue. We’ve also split the rules document into Core Combat Rules and Wargaming Rules which contains all the rules for Versus and Cooperative play. Since most of our tweaks have been the different versus modes and victory points we wanted an easier way to update that section of the rules without having people worry about the core rules being adjusted.

A summary of all changes can be found below. We’ll put some more posts this month with background info on some of the changes. All mecha unit profiles and mission packs have been updated on the downloads page.

Core Rules Updates

-Updated cost brackets for Momentum (600 per M:3 vice 500 per M:3).  Momentum is capped at 10.

-Clarification to Titan Power Usage – Power can be allocated at any time but power stays assigned until the units next turn

-Updated failed Armor Save for Titans to instead be +1000 DMG

-Unified and combined Battle Damage charts for MS & Titans.

-Rebalanced Giant Slayer Skill to be a scaling PEN bonus instead of DMG; Mayhem Skill to be an Overwatch Attack; Vulcans Skill to be once per unit per round

-Added Gritty MS Battles optional module for small games (Double HP, Shield Breaks, more Battle Damage)

-Added Infantry / Guerilla Ambush Event

-Added a page at the end to walk through Mecha Profile Sheets

-Various Typo and formatting fixes

-Split Core Rules into Core Combat Rules and Versus / Coop Rules

Versus / Coop Rules Updates

-Added Army building page

-Added Unit Upgrades for Points Matching

-Added section on battlefield size

-Added full page for Simple Battle.  Revised Confrontation, Secure the Objective, Defend the City.

-Mechanics Expert and Fearsome now allow for a +100 DMG option in lieu of +1 PEN.  Practiced Professional gives +1 HIT.

-Added Tactician Pilot Trait that allows you to give an ally a Focus action. Updated some MS Profiles with the new trait.

Mission Packs

-Updated MS requisition and opponents based on updated costs

-Reformatted behavior table so be smaller

-Updated HP repair between missions

Mecha Unit Profiles

-Added five Federation variants

-Rebalanced Gouf, Efreet, Kampfer, Gelgoogs, Gundam Ground Type, Mudrock, GM Command, 7th Gundam, GP01, GM Custom,

-Fixed errors on cost / equipment for Zudah, Bigro, Big Duo, Big Fau, and EXAM units

-Fixed Evade error on Big Zam, Big Gro, Scherezade, Alseides, Mechasaurus units

-Updated Slow & Laborious Trait based on player feedback.  Also added it to Pacific Rim units

-Rebalanced units for Pacific Rim, Evangelion, Big O and Gundam Wing

-Increased points costs for Barriers (I-Fields, AT Fields, etc.)

-Updated Ye Not Guilty, Cast in the Name of God, Gundanium Armor, Transform, Synch Ratio Traits

-Updated Size system to be simpler and provide a DEF bonus against smaller units

-Added Firing Arc trait to prepare for Stellar Warship release (Salamis, Magellan etc.)

-Rebalanced Momentum cost for Titan Deathray Weapons (Units affected: Big Zam)

-Beam Rifles improved to 400 DMG. 

-Minor Cost adjustments for Performance 5+ units that are also Frame 3+

-Updated the Weight (WT) modifier to further reduce Movement

-All units received +1 Movement.  Raid & Attackers & Performance 5+ units received an additional movement bonus.

-Added Ground Use Restriction for the upcoming Space Rules

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