[MS] The 3rd Angel Sachiel vs The Megadeus Army

Recently a player asked about a matchup between Big O and Sachiel. One piece of advice I had was to field more units using the mass produced Bigs we see in flashbacks which would be much cheaper than Ace Pilot. The minis used are the Kotobukiya one coin figures for Big O and the Seika figures for Evangelion.

For this matchup we are using a draft version of the Flashback Big O and Big Duo to try and take down Sachiel. Hopefully we have better luck than last match. Below is a battle report and the mecha tactics employed.

Round 1

Big O wins initiative and Blindsides Sachiel delivering several Critical Hits with Giant Slayer (M-2) and luckily breaking through the AT Field for 1000 DMG (Big O +1VP).  Sachiel whirls around and uses it’s Close Combat [CC] weapon to smash Big O into the adjacent building destroying it (Sachiel +1 VP) and dealing 3000 DMG to Big O (+1 VP). 

It then disengages from Melee, backs up and a cross explosion rocks the city knocking down 3 buildings (Sachiel +1VP & M+3) as well as burning 2000 HP off of Big Duo. 

Big Duo retaliates by flying over the wreckage and fires its Missiles, Sachiel burns through some Momentum.

Round 2

Big Duo is up first and continues flying and laying down a barrage of missiles along with its Laser vision with Sachiel’s AT Field withstands.  Sachiel attempts to knock over a nearby building ripping out large chunks of concrete but it stays standing.  It then uses its remaining Momentum on a Cross explosion, blasting off 2000 HP from Big Duo and knocking down two more buildings (+6 VP & M+2).  Big O removes itself from the wreckage of a building and uses All out Attack (M-2) with its Chrome Dome beam, Sachiel burns through its Momentum once more to avoid an Armor Save.

Round 3

Sachiel is up first, the persistent building stays standing so it retreats behind it hoping to goad the other player into shooting through it to get to him.  Big O charges forward, Big Duo as well attempting a Giant Slayer (M-2) in Melee but only drains Sachiel’s Momentum.

Round 4

Big O is up first and maneuvers into Melee, the piston rears back and a lucky roll yields 3 Critical Hits breaking through Sachiel’s defenses and a failed Armor Save seals the deal (Big O +5 VP); Sachiel’s AT Field shudders as the impact rips through it blasting through the core destroying the Angel.

Final VP:  Sachiel 8VP,  Big O & Big Duo 7VP

A close game unfortunately too much of the city was obliterated so the Defender’s lose.

Mecha Tactics Post Mortem Analysis

Big O & Duo Player:  This time I used all-out attack for Chrome Dome.  Looking back at it and how she just barely won on VP I think I should have used it for the +10 Power for the Anchor’s to pull in Sachiel and the remaining power for Sudden Impact and possibly another weapon.  If I had dealt or taken Melee damage that round we would have gotten another VP and Momentum for a tie game.

Sachiel Player:  Thankfully Big Duo used its megaton missiles early while I still had Momentum, I wasn’t looking forward to that Armor Save.  After that Big Duo kept the pressure on but its missiles were ineffective against my AT Field so it had to get into Melee.  I thought that would be easy but I was surprised by how many hits he racked up with Flight Mode and the Propeller hands; they kept burning through my Momentum so I couldn’t use as many Cross Explosions as I would have wanted.

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