MechaStellar Battle Report – Sniping Snipers and Gerbera Rivalry

While doing some test games for some adjustments to Snipers and long range skills we put together a pair of games taking some extreme army lists.  For this game we had the Federation move heavily into Sniper type units while Zeon had a relatively balanced force with a powerful Gelgoog Jager as their powerful sniper.  To make things even more fun, the GP04 Gerbera was the Commander for the Federation and the Gerbera Tetra was the Commander for Zeon.

You can find the game rules and the mecha unit profiles on the MechaStellar downloads page. The miniatures used for this matchup came from the Gundam Standart and Ultimate Operation collection. You can read more about them here.

Round 1

Each player’s starting Momentum is [M=5]

GP04 Gerbera Tetra GM Custom

Gerbera Tetra is up first, uses full throttle and lays down a rapid fire burst from her beam machine gun into GP04, landing 7 hits, the GP04 loses [M-1] to pass a failed armor save.  Tetra then uses her remaining 9″ movement to fall back.

As an unskilled pilot GP04 must try to attack Tetra, strafes right and fires down the boulevard landing 5 Hits, Tetra uses Ace Evade [M-1] to avoid all shots.

The Gelgoog Jager sees an opportunity to strike the only Basic Pilot on the enemy side and goes after GP04.  His repeating beam rifle lands 3 Hits. The GP04 loses [M-2] to pass failed two armor saves.

Time to earn some Momentum, since GP04 was attacked again there is no valid target for the Return Fire rule, so the Federation player activates the GM Sniper II and takes aim at a far off Zaku II.  6 hits with the High Ground bonus takes it out earning [M+1].

A Rick Dom II moves forward and takes a shot at GP04 from behind cover, thanks to their Shield they avoid all hits.

GP04 Gerbera GM Sniper Custom

A GM Sniper Custom moves forward and fires on the Rick Dom II, due to a poor roll they are looking at 4 Hits, the Zeon player loses [M-4] to save the unit.

The 2nd Rick Dom II takes aim at GP04, the Bazooka lands 2 hits, the GP04 loses [M-2] to avoid the rest.  The Rick Dom II retreats behind cover.

The 2nd GM Sniper Custom takes aim at the Rick Dom II, it takes 5 Hits and loses [M-1] to pass a failed armor save.

Rick Dom II Zaku II Gerbera Tetra

Out of Momentum the Zeon player moves a Zaku II in front of the Gebera Tetra as a sacrificial gambit.

The GM Custom takes the high ground in preparation for next round and finishes off the wounded Rick Dom II with 7 hits.

GM Custom Zaku F2

Last to go is a Zaku F2 whose machine gun hits the GM Custom 3 times.

End of Round (EOR) Momentum Fed 1 / Zeon 0.  Both sides then gain M+1 at the end of the Round.

EOR VP Fed 3  /  Zeon 0

Round 2

GP04 Gerbera Tetra GM Sniper II

The Gerbera Tetra is up first again, moves into rapid fire on the GM Sniper II, its beam machine gun lands 7 Hits, the GM Sniper II loses [M-1] to pass a failed Armor save. 

Gerbera Tetra GM Custom

Tetra then uses Full Throttle to take to the skies and finish with an all-in Melee Attack [M+1] with the Make it Count skill against the GM Custom.  She takes 3 Overwatch hits on the way in.  Melee ATK 7 Hits vs DEF 5 Blocks, with only 1 Momentum left for the Federation if they used it for +1 Block they’d still be taking 1 hit regardless and with the previous damage from the Zaku F2 it cannot survive.  Tetra earns [M+1] for destroying an enemy unit.

Due to the Return Fire rule the GM Sniper II is up next, they take aim at Gerbera Tetra and deliver 4 Hits, Tetra uses Ace Evade [M-2] to avoid all the hits.

GP04 Gerbera and Gelgoog

The Gelgoog Jager is up next and deliver 6 hits to GP04, she loses [M-1] to pass a failed Armor Save.

GP04 is next, its beam rifle delivers 2 hits to the Gelgoog Jager who fails an Armor save but narrowly survives.

GP04 Gerbera and Gelgoog

GP04 uses Full Throttle hoping to finish him off with a High Speed Attack by ramming its shield into the Gelgoog.  With a very lucky roll we have ATK 11 Hits and DEF 3 Blocks, the Gelgoog Jager is toast earning [M+1].

GP04 Gerbera and Rick Dom II

A Rick Dom II is up next and uses the flash from its chest beam to blind GP04 before delivering 3 Hits with its giant bazooka, GP04 loses [M-3] to survive.  Next the Rick Dom II enters melee [M+1] Melee ATK 5 Hits vs DEF 7 Blocks, GP04 survives another turn.

A GM Sniper Custom is next moving forward and delivers 3 Hits to a Zaku II, Zeon loses [M-1] to block 1 then rolls 2 Armor Saves and uses [M-1] to pass a failed save, emptying their Momentum pool.  This gambit allows them to get one turn out of the badly wounded Zaku II

The Sniper Custom used its full movement to get into rapid fire range and thus cannot do a hit and run attack, the Zaku II badly smoking with holes through it marches forward, its pilot emptying the clip into the GM Sniper Custom sending 4 hits their way, unfortunately the Federation is also out of Momentum so the GM Sniper Custom is brought down. [M+1]

The remaining GM Sniper Custom finishes off the Zaku II. [M+1]

Lastly the F2 moves forward and fires at the GM Sniper II dealing 2 Hits which fails to take it out.

EOR Momentum Fed 1 / Zeon 1.  Both sides then gain M+1 at the end of the Round. Cima’s Overconfident trait gives a bonus [M+1].

EOR VP  Fed 8  /  Zeon 5.

Round 3

The Rick Dom II is up first, it starts off with a Melee attack [M+1] and uses its action to Focus for +1 Hit.  A lucky roll gives Melee ATK 6 Hits vs an unlucky DEF of 3 Blocks.  The Federation player burns [M-2] so a single Hit gets through for 500 DMG and an Armor Save (4+), if they succeed they will go next and strike down the Rick Dom II, but unfortunately they roll a 2 and down they go.  [M+1]

The GM Sniper II is up next, its beam sniper rifle delivers several critical hits for a total of 7 Hits on the Gerbera Tetra who uses Ace Evade [M-3] to avoid all hits.

The Tetra moves forward and finishes off the GM Sniper II with 6 Hits and earns [M+1]

The remaining GM Sniper Custom moves forward and uses its R-4 Beam Rifle to deliver 1 Hit to the Gerbera Tetra [M-1] then attacks the Rick Dom II in Melee [M+1] with ATK 6 Hits vs DEF 3 Blocks, [M-2] means 1 Hit gets through and a failed armor save means the Rick Dom is barely alive.

EOR Momentum Fed 1 / Zeon 1.  Both sides then gain [M+1] at the end of the round and Cima gives a bonus [M+1]

EOR VP  Fed 6 (Lost a Prototype -2 VP)  /  Zeon 15 (+3 from destroying the enemy Commander)

Round 4

The GM Sniper Custom is up first, Melee [M+1] ATK 5 Hits vs DEF 2 Blocks, the Rick Dom II goes down. [M+1] then moves towards Gebera Tetra being careful to stay out of range to avoid activating her Overconfident trait.  He uses the Make it Count skill for a bonus Crit, unfortunately Tetra has a phenomenal roll and only 3 Hits get through [M-3].

Gerbera Tetra GM Sniper Custom

Tetra does a burst with the beam machine gun delivering 7 Hits, [M-1] to pass a failed Armor Save.  Then Cima moves into melee with the GM Sniper Custom, unfortunately she rolls a 1 & 2 on Overwatch and is out of Momentum, she fails two saves and survives with 800/4000 HP.  On to Melee ATK 5 Hits vs DEF 0 Blocks, luck is not with the GM Sniper Custom and he goes down.

EOR Momentum Fed 3  /  Zeon 2

EOR VP  Fed 8  /  Zeon 18

Had the GM Sniper Custom finished off Cima it would have instead been Fed 17 (+3 Commander) / Zeon 14 (-2 Lost a prototype, -2 Lost an Ace).  A close match that was decided by a very lucky Evade roll!

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