MechaStellar VER 9 Planned for May2023 Release

Evolution of Giant Robots by Kazuhiko Miyake
Evolution of Giant Robots by Kazuhiko Miyake

The King of Braves GaoGaiGar will release during the end of month May roster update. We will also be releasing MechaStellar VER 9 Core Combat Rules in May. VER 9 is the Super Robot update and like the last several updates to VER 8 is intended to cut down on mental math.

The Super Titans type represented both Super Robots and Kaiju in VER 8. Based on feedback from playtesters we are going to split Super Titan into Super Titan and Kaiju / Super Heavy.

Regardless of the type, the major defining feature for these units was there weapons were considerably more powerful than a mobile suit weapon, but they in turn had a Power requirement in order to be used. While this worked well for gamebalance it added significant book keeping and made playing several Super Robots / Kaiju difficult.

Since tracking power and actions often resulted in a lot of mental math we’ve been working hard to revise the rules and make it more fun to play as your favorite Super Robot or Kaiju. As such in VER 9 we are removing the power requirement for weapons and instead they will use Slots just like a MS would.

The Power stat still remains, but instead of being a limiter on play it will instead be a force multiplier. Envision the power stat as cranking the dial up to 11 on your Photon Energy or Getter Beam, improving the output of these weapons. Kaiju and Super Heavy Robots will instead have a Havoc stat, which while similar to Power has different options that focus on causing collateral damage.

VER 9 Summary

  • MechaStellar VER 9 is planned for May release along with GaoGaiGar
  • The update to VER 9 is meant to reduce the mental math when playing Super Robots & Kaiju
    • Weapons for these units no longer require Power and instead function like a MS
  • The Super Titan type has been split into Super Titan and Kaiju / Super Heavy
  • If you exclusively play with Gundam units VER 9 will play the same as VER 8.


Your Feedback helps us with the monthly balance and roster updates. If you play any games with the VER 9 draft rules or mecha profiles please provide feedback via the google form. It takes 2-10 minutes to complete and lets you quickly provide feedback based on your latest game. You can find it here:

VER 9 Draft Rules

You can find the draft rules for VER 9 and updated profiles for Super Robots and Kaiju on this page.

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