[MS] Design Goals VER 8 – Pilots

Our biggest factor driving the Version 8 update was an update to the Pilot rules. Pilot has stayed fairly steady over the last few Versions with each rendition improving your Army’s Momentum. In Version 8 we wanted to make Pilot more important on an individual unit basis instead of just strengthening your army.

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MechaStellar Version 8 Released

Good morning everyone and thanks for your patience. The last two months have been a fun time working on MechaStellar. over the holidays and we got a lot of playtests in during December and January.  Today we are releasing Version 8 which overhauls the Pilot system and Melee system as well as points adjustments for the Pilot and Performance stat.  Below is a quick summary of all major changes, we also have some in-depth posts here if you’re curious about any design decisions.

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[MS] Design Goals – Cross Era and Cross Universe Compatibility

One of our design goals was to ensure there is some compatibility between both eras and different mecha universes.  Cross Era compatibility would let you reenact the Jaburo drop in Zeta Gundam or the Assault on Torrington in Unicorn where you field units from different time periods and have them at least stand a chance against newer models.  Cross universe compatibility would let you mix Gundam and Evangelion for instance, or Gurenn Lagann and Getter Robo like you would in a Super Robot Wars style game. 

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[MS] Design Goals – Giant Robots

Typo on Gundam Alex should be 18m vice 28m

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post we’d like to talk a little bit more about how sizing will affect the game. Since MechaStellar is intended to allow you to recreate a Super Robot Wars style tabletop skirmish that means we need to have someway to differentiate Mecha that are much larger than others.

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[MS] Design Goals – Titan Class Mechs

In MechaStellar we have two types of Mecha, a Mobile Skeleton or MS Class and a Titan Class. While the MS class is principally there to represent high mobility units like you’d see in Mobile Suit Gundam, Aura Battler Dunbine, Votoms or Zone of the Enders, the Titan class was envisioned to capture Mechs that tend to lack aerial mobility but offer considerably more durable and often with significantly more weapons. Titan class mechs can run the gamut of Mobile Armors, Getter Machines, Guy Melefs, Jaegers or even Evangelions. As we’ve been doing more Titan-only playtests recently this would be a good time to discuss this class of Mechs.

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[MS] Design Goals – Consistency

One thing we always strive for when working on Units for MechaStellar is to make sure the unit functions as you would expect it would in it’s native universe. We also try to ensure it’s stat make sense and are consistent with its peers. Below we’ll look at some of the units that were tweaked in the last few weeks to align with this design goal.

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