Mechastellar: Deciding when to Twin-Link


In today’s post I’d like to talk about choosing equipment for your Mech.  Right now, my wife and I are watching through 0083 A Stardust Memory (Mayfly of Space).  For me it’s a rewatch after about 10 years, for her it’s the first time so it’s a new experience for the both of us.

When I’m designing Mobile Suits I usually try to wait until I watch the series they are in again.  In the case of MSV-R type suits, I don’t want to work on them unless I’ve recently read the sidestory they’re in or played in a game that does them justice.  There are many version of Gelgoog available to choose from, and now that we’ve entered space in the show it’s given me a chance to start designing the Gelgoog Marines.

The Gelgoog Marines are fun, they’re Gelgoogs from the One Year War (OYW) that have been spruced up a bit with additional mobility and and extra propellant tanks to give them more operating time at a higher speed.  Since 0083 is the Top Gun of Gundam they’re quite a blast to watch.

Designing suits gets a little tricky.  Every suit of a certain frame level will have the same amount of equipment (except for suits given the “Heavy Arms” special type).  With the Gelgoog and Gelgoog Marine being the same frame level (likewise for the Hi-Mobility Commander type, and the Jaeger) that means the differences between them is primarily in how they choose their equipment slots.

For the Gelgoog Marine they have quite a bit of gear, if you’re looking over the profile at MAHQ you’ll see they’ve traded out the traditional Gelgoog Shield for a Knuckle Shield which is a spiked Zaku II shield mounted on the knuckle.  They are sporting a machine gun, because these forces no longer have a nation to support them logistically so they are relying on what is available, is easy to maintain and has parts / ammo.

Gelgoog Marine d

One thing you’ll notice is that the Gelgoog Marine has 2x 110mm machine cannons in it’s arms.  So the question becomes, do you put both of them on the units loadout.  And it’s a great question.  Typically when you see two of something, like the beam cannons on the GM Cannon II they are meant to fire in synch causing massive damage to battleships (or mobile suits).  We put two on the sheet and call these weapon systems “Twin-Linked” conferring their own unique bonus.

Now with 2x machine cannons in the arms the question becomes should we put these down twin-linked for the Gelgoog Marine?  That’s a difficult question to answer.

If we want to veer as hard to the source material as possible then it makes sense to put every piece of equipment on their unit loadout.  But ultimately what is best for the unit?  To have a second machine cannon or to be lightweight and more maneuverable.

Having two cannons for the gelgoog marine can be represented design wise from having more ammo, we never see it fire both at the same time in the animation so adding a twin-linked machine cannon isn’t doing the best for our Gelgoog who could really benefit using that EQ slot for something else.

In the end we opted not to specify the 110mm machine gun for the Gelgoog Marine at all.  Rather than add more granularity into our weapons, a hand held machine gun and slightly higher caliber arm mounted machine gun we’ll instead treat them as having the same weapon profile.

From this perspective it doesn’t make sense to add a second machine gun to the Gelgoog Marine and instead use the extra space in its equipment load out to purchase Lightweight giving them higher movement and evasion.

Ultimately, to answer the question of this post if I decide to list a twin-linked weapon for a unit then I need to answer yes to these two questions.

  1. Does the unit have two identical weapons and use them to fire at the same target?
  2. Does the unit use this as a common tactic?  (Not just a one-off deal you can describe as using a command point)

Beam Sabers are another great example of this. Many Gundam units have two beam sabers but it is very rare to see them dual wield them. Off the top of my head I can only think of two UC examples, Amuro in the Gundam and Nimbus Schterzen in the Blue Destiny Unit 2. For these suits it would definitely be worthwhile to use Twin-Linked Beam Sabers since it’s a fighting style for them, for others we leave it as a single beam saber since it best represents how they fight in the animation.

Another tough example if the Rick Diaz. It has two beam pistols on its back but for the most part we only ever see the Rick Dias use a single beam pistol, or a beam pistol and clay bazooka. In that regard we did not twin-link them for the unit’s sheet and instead used the extra EQ slot for additional thrusters.

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