MechaStellar: Playtest Report – 0083 Space Skirmish

Gelgoog Marine Cima

One very nice benefit to the stay at home order is that we’ve had a lot more time around the house to take care of chores, cook some really healthy meals and work on some hobbies.  Following some successful Zeta tests where we were able to try out a new Skill system that was a bit more engaging giving player’s more agency we decided to do another round of testing this time using some newly minted 0083 suits.

We did two iterations, the first one was just grunt units and the second one was for grunts and each side having a hero.

Test 1

Delaz Fleet – 3x Gelgoog Marines (240pts)

Albion Crew – 3x GM Customs (210pts) and GM Cannon II (30pts)

A very close match where the Albion Forces came out on top.  The Delaz fleet played aggressively utilizing their skill points early and often in shooting or melee.  The GM Custom crew played smart defense and kept themselves alive long enough for a GM Cannon II to get a twin-linked (TL) beam cannon shot off annihilating one of the Gelgoog Marines.

From there it wasn’t long before bursts from the GM Rifle took out the remaining Gelgoogs, although a few fierce melee battles claimed the a few of the GM custom suits.

Test 2

Delaz Fleet – 4x Gelgoog Marines (320pts) + Cima in a Gelgoog Marine (110pts)

Albion Crew – 3x GM Customs (210pts) and 2x GM Cannon II (60pts) + Uraki in Zephyranthes (160pts)

0083 Cima Test 1
We’re using Gundam NT-1 Alex as a stand-in for a GM Cannon II

This battle was a decisive victory for Zeon who again played aggressively with their skill points.  The difference this time was in tactics.  The Albion player trusted in the sturdiness of the Gundam GP01 Zephyranthes to keep one flank occupied.  The Delaz fleet capitalized on this, tying up the Gundam and a GM Cannon II with just one Gelgoog Marine.  The others all jetted to the left and faced off against the GM Customs.

0083 Cima Test 2
We’re using regular Gelgoogs as stand-ins for Gelgoog Marines

Focus firing their machine guns they were able to take out one of the GM Customs at the top of round 2, meanwhile on the right side the GM Cannon II tried to blow the Gelgoog out of the water, who then thrashed him in melee before engaging the Gundam.  The Gundam quickly destroyed this Gelgoog and turned his sights on Cima who had been lurking on the sidelines.  Cima survived and sent many shots at the Gundam before retreating with her impressive mobility.

0083 Cima Test 4
We’ve been using d6 and d10s as quick scatter terrain to represent debris fields providing cover

Meanwhile things continued to be a bloodbath for GM Customs, the volume of shots put out by the Gelgoog Marines quickly outnumbered the remaining two, they were all out of commission with all the Gelgoog Marines intact.  They swept across, losing one Marine to the GM Cannon II before taking him out.  The Gundam Zephyranthes made a heroic last stand atop an asteroid trying to take out a Gelgoog and Cima’s wounded commander unit but luck (and the dice) were not on his side.

In round 4, the final round the Gelgoog Marines circled like sharks and one of them blindsided Zephyranthes with a torrent of machine gun fire and eventually a beamsaber.  Zephyranthes managed to equal his melee roll and the two clashed with their sabers neither one being destroyed.  Alas, Cima evaded him several more times and the Gundam was claimed.  The Delaz Fleet finished with 2 Marines and the Commander Unit, the Albion was wiped out.

0083 Cima Test 5

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