Battlefield Report: Assault the Hidden Base

Start Superoverhead All

NOTE: I took a break from blogging for a bit as my duties at work increased.  These drafts are from the VER 2 rule set, we’ve since had many playtests and made it to VER 5 which is a very different game.  We’ll have more to post in the future.

This past weekend we busted out some of favorite terrain to give this scenario another try.  It involves one force dropping into a forest to assault a hidden mountain base replete with anti-aircraft guns.  It also gave us a chance to continue testing Shield rules and see if we wanted to adjust things.  Here’s the Battle Report with a round by round summary.

Start Close Gundam

Federation  400pts

  • Gundam RX 78-2  (Pilot: Amuro Early Skill Level)
  • 2x Guncannon
  • GM Sniper
  • 2x GM Custom  (Ace Pilots)
  • GM Cannon 2
  • 2x RB-79 Ball
  • RX-78NT-1 ‘Alex’ Gundam

Start Overhead Zeon


  • Zaku Ace (Pilot: Char)
  • 3x Zaku II Commander (Bazooka)
  • 6x Zaku II (Machine Gun)
  • 2x Zaku II (180mm Cannon)
  • 2x Gouf
  • 3x Dom
  • Zock

Round 1 Dom Assault

Round 1 – Zeon takes heavy casualties losing 2 Zaku II Commanders (Bazooka) and 3 Zaku II (Machine Gun) while the Zock gets some lucky strikes in and takes out Gundam NT-1 Alex. Round 1 finishes with a bang, the Dom’s come out of hiding and their coordinated giant bazooka barrage spells the end for GM Cannon II.

Round 2 Overhead

Round 2 – The GM Custom draws first blood destroying a Dom while another flees to safety. After Zeon retaliates the second GM Custom in a bold maneuver strikes deep into enemy territory and with an all-out attack manages to fell a Zock with its beam saber. Alas, he has walked into the lair of not one but two Goufs! In an impressive battle of skill the 1st Gouf remains victorious striking down the GM Custom.

The Gundam takes the high ground and a cavalcade of hyper bazooka shots to the Gouf’s backside instantaneously brings him down. Zaku II meets him on the ground in melee but fails the attempt and is cut down. Two more Zaku IIs are lost this round and the Federation loses on Ball and a Guncannon from a surprise blitz by a Dom.

The round closes out with more shelling of a GM Custom by the Zakus with magella top cannons and the Gouf and Gundam duke it out. The heat rod electrifies and destroys Gundam’s Hyper Bazooka before they meet in melee. The Gouf is victorious however Gundam’s incredible armor saves him and he’s able to fight in next round as well.

Gouf and Gundam

Round 3 – The Gundam players seizes initiative and strikes at the Gouf. The Gouf wins the first and second engagement, it’s heat hawk rending through the Gundam’s armor, on the third clash the Gundam is victorious it’s beam saber cleaving through the Gouf finishing him.

The Zeon player takes their turn, the Dom moves swiftly and cleaves through a ball before blindsiding the Gundam with a giant bazooka to the rear. The Gundam’s incredible armor proves impervious again and survives, as well as a pair of melee lashings delivered by an iconic Red Zaku. The GM Sniper takes a shot at the daring Dom taking away the rest of the Zeon players Pilot Skill pool.

Having winnowed down the assault party to this point the Federation player chooses to activate the GM Custom, a barrage of rifle fire takes out the two Zaku’s ahead of him. Dom #2 pushes from the rear as close as he can make it before firing off two shots in Guncannon, lucky for him he evades one but the second blasts him for 600 DMG leaving him with a scant 100 HP left.

Guncannon responds in kind with a beam rifle shot and a trio of cannons, the Dom evades all but one but succeeds on its armor save to live till next round. The last two Zakus, ground types with cannons commence indirect fire on GM Custom but in a stroke of fate all indirect fire misses.

Gundam and Char

Round 4 – The Gundam player seizes initiative again! The first melee clash results in a draw and both opponents survive, in the second the Gundam pulls ahead in the dice war and defeat ours heroic Red Comet.

Round 3 Dom Vs Sniper and Cannon angle

Now for Zeon’s revenge. Using the Dom’s incredible movement he shoots the Guncannon in the back and draws its heat saber blindsiding the GM Sniper destroying them both. Once again the last two Zaku’s do indirect fire but all fail to hit, the two of them advance forward closing the distance.

Round 3 GM Custom vs Zakus

Round 5 – Zeon goes first this round meaning a Zaku gets the drop on GM custom at the start of the round blindsiding him behind cover but alas is unable to take down the nimble GM Custom. GM Custom returns fire destroying that Zaku and nearly takes out his friend. On Zeon’s turn that same Zaku charges into melee but is skewered by GM Custom’s quick saber skills.

Round 5 Gundam vs Dom

Now for the finale.  The round finishes with the Gundam putting all its excess output into the thrusters to meet the Dom in glorious melee combat.  Gundam aces it by rolling a 6 for a total of 10 in Melee, the Dom manages a meager 4 in Melee and is summarily cut down.  The Federation player is the Victor with Gundam 300/1200 HP, GM Custom 300/400 HP, and 0 Pilot Skill Pool.

Overall, had a blast!  Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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