MechaStellar: Unit Roster Update 08JUL21

For this week’s update we’re releasing variants for the Dom and GM Sniper Custom mobile suits.

The Rick Dom Royal Guard comes from ‘The Plot to Assassinate Gihren’ manga. An excellent series that is a spy/thriller set in the closing days of the OYW. Two Rick Doms have been modified for ceremonial use holding both shields and heat lances, ceremonial or not as seen in the Manga they can be formidable foes. The pilot for this unit is Vanessa Vermillion or Gaius Zemela both use the same pilot trait that gives them the edge against the rank and file soldier.

The Rick Dom II is featured in Gundam 0080 as well as by Gato’s right hand man Karius in 0083. It’s a no frills minor upgrade to the Rick Dom. The Dom Tropen also appears in 0083 during the attack on Torrington it features the large size Raketen Bazooka and also has a machine gun sidearm. The Dom Cannon featured in Harmony of Gundam is a Dom Tropen converted to equip a shoulder cannon. The last variant of the Dom Tropen is the Dom Barrage appearing in the Blazing Shadow Manga, this Dom sports heavy armor and a powerful Gatling Gun.

The last Dom variant we have is the high speed test type featured in MSV-R, a unit that took the technology from the Gouf Flight Type in order to test the limits on the Dom’s max speed. While the Test Type boasted a higher top speed they did not pursue this model line any further due to the poor acceleration in meeting the top speed. If you choose to take this unit in your army remember that while it is very fast it has no protections so you’ll need to keep some Momentum set aside to protect it before it reaches melee.

On the Federation side we have the GM Sniper Custom. A souped up GM given to Aces and mostly used in Sniping roles. The unit was wildly popular with Federation Pilots and it was modified into alternate roles seen in the GM Guard Custom and the GM Intercept Custom who would often work in pairs. One variant of the standard Sniper Custom was for the Shimoda Team which sports a pair of missile launchers on its shoulders and was fielded in A Baoa Qu.

Unit Roster Additions

Gundam – Zeon (6)

Rick Dom Royal Guard, Rick Dom II, Dom Tropen, Dom Cannon, Dom Barrage, Dom High Speed Test Type

Gundam – EFF (4)

GM Sniper Custom, GM Sniper Custom (ML) Shimoda, GM Guard Custom, GM Intercept Custom

Miscellaneous Updates

-Cleaned up the verbiage on the Fearsome Pilot Trait

-Newtype III was using an out-of-date text string. Updated.

-EXAM System was using an out-of-date text string. Updated.

-Efreet Custom Performance was corrected to 4. Added “Spirit in the Machine” trait to both Efreet Custom and Blue Destiny Unit 1

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