MechaStellar: Unit Roster Update 29JUL21

I’m still in the middle of unpacking and organizing our household so this week will also be a minor update with more Zaku variants. In the month of August we plan on releasing the Gyan, Gelgoogs and Gundam variants as well as an update to to the Campaign Mission Packs.

Zeon Roster Additions (+4)
-Zaku Desert Type Variants
-Zaku II FZ

Misc Update
-Increased the Zaku II F2 performance to 4 to match the Zaku II FZ

The Zaku Desert Types were deployed on the African and Middle Eastern front. Out of all the Zaku’s deployed to the Earth sphere they have the best track record and scored numerous victories over the Federation forces who typically struggled in the desert environments. Quite remarkable that a Space based nation was able to quickly adapt their MS Design to produce a superior Desert unit. The Zaku Desert Type was so effective that it stayed in use by Zeon remnants even during the Gryps Conflict and later during the events of Gundam Unicorn as well as its successor the Desert Zaku. As you can see in the artwork they were masters of ambush tactics and guerilla warfare, quickly emerging from the sand to strike enemies that were lured into a trap.

Of the three variants presented here we have a standard loadout with machine gun, one from the Caracal corps armed with a hand-held missile pod as well as its arm mounted one and lastly one from the Gariboldi team which has a unique long barrel Zaku machine gun capable of deliving longer range bursts to suppress the enemy. If you’ve been enjoying using “Ambusher” with the Efreet series you’ll certainly enjoy adding the Zaku Desert Type to your army.

The Zaku II FZ (also known as the Zaku II Kai) debuted in Gundam 0080 War in the Pocket, it also plays an important role in the manga The Plot to Assassinate Gihren. It was the last standard Zaku produced during the OYW complying with the United Maintenance Plan (UMP) that mandated all MS must share common components to ease the burden on replacement parts and logistics.

While the Zaku F2 was a new and upgraded Zaku the FZ is often hypothesized to be a retrofit of older type Zakus. It was primarily deployed for colony defense and like all Zakus it was easy to handle for new recruits. The FZ and F2 are often described as very similar in performance in kit manuals and other publications, the FZ is noted as having much improved thrust but unfortunately much shorter operational times since it did not get an increase in propellant.

As always you can find the latest sheets on the Download page here.

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