MechaStellar – Playtest Photos 30JUL21

Finally cleared the last row of carboard boxes and now just need to finish organizing our new household. Still it’s good to take a break now and then and with a bit of space freed up on the dining table that is just enough room to put together a few playtests.

Below are the few photos I remembered to take of a 300pt game run through several iterations to test out a few mechanics. Since the Gyan will be releasing next week I wanted to test out a few variations of it’s hide bomb abilities, what is essentially a space mine. While the Gyan did not show up in the Compilation movies, he made for quite the foe when Amuro faced him in the TV show.

This one turned into quite the brawl

Since we had an exceptional pilot on either side of the different matches it was a good chance to try out a new Order we’ve been working on, ‘Tear through the ranks’. This Order is meant to allow your Pilots to attack again with the same weapon after destroying an enemy.

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