MechaStellar – New Command: Tear Through the Ranks

As mentioned in the previous post there will be a new addition to the available Commands you can give to your Mechs called ‘Tear through the Ranks’.

I came up with this one after rewatching Macross Do You Remember Love (DYRL) recently. DYRL is a feature length movie of the Macross series, it is similar to a compilation movie but in this case has enough changes to the background / setting that it could be considered a retelling or an alternate universe depending on how you want to interpret the Director’s remarks. While the pacing is a bit rushed compared to a 50+ episode TV show Macross DYRL is noted for having some absolutely gorgeous hand-drawn scenes as well as some amazing action sequences.

If you’ve never seen Macross you may have seen a amalgamation called “Robotech” here in the US. Robotech was a splicing together of several shows including Macross, Southern Cross and MOSPEADA, so if you’ve seen that you are likely familiar with some other characters from Macross as well as the transforming Mecha the VF-1 Valkyrie, an F-14 Tomcat that can transform into a Battroid mode which resembles a standard bipedal mech, or a Gerwalk mode which is partially inbetween a plane and a mech. Macross is known for the Missile Massacre where scores of missiles are launch and we the audience get to watch their incredibly twisting trajectories destroy one or several units.

Thus we come to ‘Tear through the Ranks’. This ability allows an Ace Pilot to destroy several units on one turn. It’s also a benefit to MS who rely on missiles which are traditionally single use. Here are the rules:

Ace Unit Reaction Command: Tear Through the Ranks (3 MP)

If you destroy an enemy unit with an attack you may attack again with the same weapon against a new target within range. You may repeat this sequence a 2nd time if you destroy the next unit.

If you destroyed the target in Melee gain +5″ movement to reach the next target.

This isn’t just limited to swarms of missiles either, this ability will also be fun to use when you want to represent a series where Mechs often face off and destroy several enemies (often at once) such as Gundam Wing, Martian Successor: Nadesico, or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

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