MechaStellar – Temporary Hiatus

Good morning everyone,

No update for this Thursday. The wife and I were blessed with a newborn this week who came a little earlier than expected. The wife and I are now back home and working on adjusting to our new schedule and hopefully getting some sleep in the future. Since I’m a little tied up with the little one the regular Thursday updates for MechaStellar will be put on a brief hiatus. Plan is to get back into the swing of things no later than the first week of October. Draft sheets of the Evangelion Units 00, 01, and 02 are up on the downloads page but may get rebalanced later on.

When we return we’ll have additional unit for Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV), a new game mode “Defend the City”, and an update to the Co-op Campaign Mission packs extending them past Mission 5 and adding in some difficulty for those who requested it. All the best!

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