MechaStellar – Back from Hiatus

Happy October everyone!

The days have gone by in a blur, it hardly feels like a month or so has gone by.  I am still adapting to a new routine with the baby but I have had a little bit of time, mostly during early morning contact naps, to get some updates done.  I’ll be resuming the usual weekly updates, moving to Friday instead of Thursdays to make things a bit easier on me.    This Friday’s update will feature updated unit sheets, updated rules, and a new game mode “Defend the City!” or “Rampage” if you’d like to instead play as the monsters / kaiju.  There will be more units for Gundam and NGE, and with the conclusion of Getter Robo Arc, that was some good motivation to work on some classic Getter Robo units.

Planned October Updates

-Unit Profile Sheet Updates

-Rules Update to Version 7.5

-New Game Mode: Rampage / Defend the City

-Additional Commands

-Updates & Expansions to the Gundam CO-OP Mission Packs

-More units for the Gundam OYW Era

-More units from Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV)

-Units from Getter Robo

You can also look forward to an example of play battle report to give you a turn by turn example on how to play the game.  Cheers!

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