[MS] – Weekly Playtest Photos

These were taken over the course of a few weeks in the brief moments when the baby was sleeping in the bassinet. The purpose for these tests were proof of concept for the Defend the City game mode or “Rampage” if you’re on the Kaiju’s side. This game mode offers victory conditions that focus on destroying the city for the Monsters.

The first one was Eva Unit 01 and Sachiel the 3rd Angel.

Turn 1 – Unit 01 lucked out and neutralized most of the AT field before firing the Pallet Rifle. Sachiel used the All-Out Attack command for +10 power allowing it to use a Cross Explosion on Eva and destroy some buildings. Unfortunately, it ‘shut down’ until it’s next turn giving Eva tactical advantage if it can go first.

Turn 2: Luckily for Eva 01 it goes first, a rapid fire burst puts some serious damage. Sachiel moves into Melee and Eva 01 miraculously matches 7 Hits with 7 Blocks.

Turn 3 – Sachiel is first this round and its Melee batters unit 01 who failed it’s Armor Save. Eva retaliates and dishes out more damage.

Turn 4 – Once again Sachiel is first and does a Melee strike, which Eva 01 is able to tie with Momentum. Sachiel uses “Take the Shot” allowing him to fire into Melee, and uses the Cross Explosion point blank taking out itself, several buildings and further damaging unit 01. We finish with 09/20 buildings destroyed. At this point it was realized that 20 buildings was just too much for one monster, even with an AOE attack.

This test was Eva Unit 01 against Shamshel the 4th angel who looks a lot like a giant shrimp. Since I don’t have that model yet, Sachiel was proxy’d in its place. I didn’t take notes for this one but it was quite fun throwing Unit 01 around and destroying buildings each time. This was the first time an Angel nearly killed Eva Unit 01, as a result I realized the damage was a bit too high on the throw maneuver since it was far more effective than the energy whips. 6/10 buildings destroyed as I recall.

This one is the most recent revision of the Defend the City game type. We’ve been trying this one out since we’ve moved if you have spotted the Pacific Rim photos in other playtest posts. The current revision has been a blast since we added in a very simple rule where the Monsters get +1 Momentum for every building they destroy. Now, flattening buildings in addition to getting you victory points can also give you Momentum to keep your Kaiju alive longer.

For this one we used Scunner and Raiju, the category 4 seen underwater at the end of the movie plus Knifehead who we saw at the start of Pacific Rim. We did a what-if battle where they faced off against Crimson Typhoon and Cherno Alpha. This game type closes out in Round 5, if Cherno Alpha had won the initiative in Round 5 the Kaidonovskys could have finished off all the Kaiju.

This one was a blast, the Kaiju tore through 26/30 buildings as I recall.

Buildings used in these tests are from Greeblecity, scaled up to 200% and printed with PLA on a monoprice mini printer. The ones with hasty paint jobs were done with a simple primer plus some extra paints from a Reaper bones kickstarter. If you would like to use them on the download page there is a link to the Greeblecity line of free 3d sculpts.

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