MechaStellar – Example of Play Setup

It’s been a while since we’ve done a How to Play post for MechaStellar so here we’ll do one post per round in a fairly large game. Armies for each side are pictured above, the army lists and setup will be below. Next post will be Round 1.

Army Lists (1050 points)


Char’s Z’Gok & 2x Z’Goks (240pts)

3x Hy-Gogg (330pts)

4x Zaku II (40pts)

2x Gouf Flight Test Type (160pts)

Gyan & 2x Doms (280pts)

Starting Momentum: 11 (3+3+3+2)

Mission Commander: M’Quve (Gyan) with the Unyielding trait

Commands: Improvise (2MP), Ambush (1MP), All-Out Attack (3MP)

The Zeon player bring a heavy amount of amphibious units into the fight and plans on maximizing their usage. He brings a Gyan and a pair of Dom escorts with plans to use their high speed to drive up one flank. M’Quve’s Gyan also brings several tricks to the table with his hide bombs.

He chose the Gouf Flight Test Type as great mid-field distractions, they pack some decent firepower with good evasion and can maintain a high ground advantage. Lastly with his remaining points he spends on some Zaku II’s for additional back-line support or suppressive fire. While this example is a straightforward destroy the enemy type game if they were playing with objectives the Zaku’s would be excellent for holding backfield objectives.

For Commands both armies start with Improvise, a useful Command for rerolling dice, and then choose two additional Commands. The Zeon player took Ambush for his Amphibious units and then All-Out Attack since he has several units with a plethora of weapons most notably the Hy-Goggs and Gouf Flight Types.

For Mission Commander he debated between Char and M’Quve but eventually settled on M’Quve as the one he’s going to use to try and take down the infamous RX78-2 Gundam. The player chose the Unyielding trait hoping it will give him a better outcome than what we saw in the show when the two dueled.


Gundam (Pilot 2), Guncannon (Pilot 1) & Guntank (390pts)

Blue Destiny Unit 01 & 3x Gundam Ground Type (390pts)

3x GM Cold Districts (120pts)

3x GM Command Space (120pts)

GM Sniper [G] (30pts)

Starting Momentum: 11 (3+3+1+1+3)

Mission Commander: Amuro (Gundam) with the Unyielding trait

Commands: Improvise (2MP), C&C Operator Support (1MP) & Tear through the Ranks (3MP)

The Federation player starts by picking a classic team of Amuro in the Gundam, Kai in the Guncannon and Hayato in the Guntank. From there he picks some personal favorites including the Blue Destiny and some standard Gundam Ground Types piloted by Shiro, Sanders and Karen. He grabs two platoons of GMs, the Cold Districts for speed and volume of fire and the GM Commands for their potent beam spray gun in close range. Lastly he chooses the GM Sniper [G] as backfield support.

For Commands the Federation player chose C&C Operator Support to represent Eledore and Michel in the hovertruck providing command and control support to the team. For their other Command they choose Tear through the Ranks which will allow either Amuro in the Gundam or Yuu Kajima in the Blue Destiny to tear through the enemy. The eponymous Gundam is chosen as the Mission Commander and takes the Unyielding trait just in case he gets bad Armor Save.


The Zeon player keeps the Z’Goks in reserve, deploys the high value units behind cover and keeps the cheaper Zaku on the wings of the main stretch. They keep the two Dom’s and Gyan on the far left edge behind the mesa.

Most of the Federation units have Shields so Cover is not as big of a priority for them. They deploys their units out front for the most part, keeping the Guntank and Guncannon hidden out of view with Amuro in the Gundam to protect them.

Click here for the next post which covers round 1.

Closing Note: MS get rebalanced from time to time and points values may go up or down. Since writing this example some units have been rebalanced and now have a different points cost.

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