MechaStellar – Example of Play – Round 1

It’s been a while since we’ve done a How to Play post for MechaStellar so here we’ll do one post per round in a fairly large game. Armies for Zeon and the Earth Federation Forces (EFF) are shown in the previous post.

If you have any questions about this round don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Key Concepts:

Shooting Attack – The defender rolls 1d10 against every Shot. The target number is equal to the enemies Shooting vs their Evade. i.e. Shooting Accuracy 7 vs Evade+2 means you need a 5+ to Evade on each die.

Melee Attack – This is a free action usable only once per turn. Both sides roll a pool of d10s, every 5+ is a success. Whoever has the most wins!

Momentum – A pool of points representing your army’s morale, collective skill, and general sense of winning the conflict. Momentum is most commonly spent to negate enemy Hits so your unit can survive but your force begins losing Momentum as you prioritize survival. Likewise, Skilled and Ace Pilots can spend Momentum on decisive strikes to take down the enemy, but if they overreach it can leave the army defenseless later as we’ll see in Round 3.

Round 1

Zeon wins the roll-off and goes first

Zeon: Moves a Hy-Gogg behind cover then fires an Anti-Ship Missile at a GM Cold Distrct. Three Shots Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade +2, GM needs an 7+ to evade. Evades 1, Shield blocks 1, then uses 1 Momentum to avoid the third.

EFF: GM Cold District activates due to Return Fire, moves up then fires it’s machine gun at the Hy-Gogg who is outside max range so it’s a Long Shot (-2 Shots). 3 Shots at Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+3, the Hy-Gogg needs a 5+ to Evade. It Evades 2 and then Cover blocks the 3rd shot.

Zeon: Encore! Another Hy-Gogg launches an Anti-Ship Missile into the same GM. 7+ to Evade, Evades 2 and Shield blocks the 3rd.

EFF & Zeon: Repeat actions with GM Cold and Hy-Goggs, all three on each side have activated and fired. The Federation player has lost 2 more Momentum, down to 8.

Zeon: Zaku II on the right flank activates, moves behind the treeline and fires a long shot (Shots-2) into the GM Cold Districts who is the closest enemy model, 3 Shots at Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade +2, the GM needs a 6+ to Evade. The GM Evades 1, Shield Blocks 1, then takes 200 DMG.

EFF: GM Command Space uses Full Throttle and moves 7″+5″ forward.

Zeon: Activate a Zaku II on the left flank, move behind a boulder then fire a long shot (Shots-2) into the GM Command Space. 3 Shots at Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+1, normally the GM needs a 7+ but since they used Full Throttle they need a 6+ instead. GM rolls a 1,2,6; Evades 1, Shield Blocks 1 then they take 200 DMG.

EFF: Repeats same actions for other GM Command Space Types.

Zeon: Repeats Zaku’s moving forward and shooting GMs. Thanks to good rolls and Full Throttle the GM’s emerge unscathed.

EFF: Guncannon has 2 actions. 1 was used on Full Throttle moving to the top of a large structure. The 2nd action fired it’s twin-linked (TL) cannons (Shots 4) with the high ground advantage (Shots+2). 6 Shots at Shooting Accuracy 10 vs Evade+2, the Zaku II needs an 8+ to Evade. Evades 3, Cover Blocks 1, spends 2 Momentum to avoid 2 more then take the last one for 500 DMG.

Zeon: A Dom moves forward to the edge of cover and fires its Giant Bazooka (Shots 3) at the Guncannon with a clear shot. Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade+1, Guncannon needs an 8+ to Evade. Luckily, Evades 2, then uses 1 Momentum to negate the 3rd hit.

EFF: Now that the Dom moved closer the Guntank will do an Indirect Fire to shell the Dom while staying out of LoS. 1 Action to fire the TL Cannnons (Shots 4) , 1 action to Focus (+1 Shot) and Gunner’s Gambit (skip moving for +1 Shot) which results in 6 Shots at Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+3, the Dom needs a 5+ to Evade. Evade 4, Cover blocks 1, lose 1 Momentum to avoid the last shot.

Zeon: Encore. The 2nd dom moves forward and does the same, the Guncannon evades 1 and loses 2 Momentum to avoid the others. Current Momentum is Zeon 8, Federation 5.

EFF: Gundam activates and moves forward, uses its free Focus action (Shots+1) as a Newtype then fires its beam rifle (Shots 3) into a Dom. 4 Shots at Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade +3, the Dom needs a 6+ to evade. Evades 0, Cover Blocks 1 then loses 3 Momentum.

Zeon: Activates M’Quve in the Gyan, uses full throttle and moves 13+5″ behind LoS blocking terrain and closer to the Gundam.

EFF: Blue Destiny Unit 01 activates, uses Full Throttle and moves 10+5″ forward.

Zeon: A Gouf Flight Test Type activates, uses Flight mode giving it high ground advantage (Shots+2) but losing any cover this turn. It moves into rapid fire range with TL Rocket Barrage (R:20″, 4 Shots, Rapid Fire +4 Shots). 8+2 Shots at Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade 1, the GM needs a 7+ to Evade which improves to 6+ due to the Full Throttle action used earlier. Evades 4, Shield Blocks 1, the Federation player is wary of losing more Momentum and spends 0, sacrificing the GM pawn. The Zeon player gains 1 Momentum for destroying an enemy units

(Momentum Remaining: Z: 6, F: 5)

EFF: Now that the pesky flying Gouf is in sight, the GM Sniper activates. Using a Focus action (Shots+1) and Gunner’s Gambit (Shots+1) it fire’s its beam rifle (Shots 3) at the flying Gouf. The Federation player also uses “Aim” spending 3 Momentum to get +3 Shooting Accuracy. 5 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 12 vs Evade+3 (+4 with Flight Mode). The Gouf needs an 8+, and makes 2 Evades, losing 3 Momentum to avoid the rest.

Momentum count: Federation: 2, Zeon: 3.

Zeon: Encore! The 2nd Gouf Flight Test Type activates and goes after another GM Command Space with the same effects. 8+2 Shots at Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade 1, normally the GM needs a 7+ to Evade but Full Throttle makes it a 6+. The GM very luckily evades 8 shots, Shield Blocks 1 and takes the last hit for 600 DMG surviving with 100 HP.

EFF: Zeon is out of units this round so the Federation player activates the rest of their units. The three Gundam Ground types move forward 5″ then fire their weapons. They are all Skilled Pilots (LVL 1) and are not required to target the nearest enemy model. The one with a Beam rifle will target a Gouf Flight Type, the others with 180mm cannons will try to knock out some Zakus and recover Momentum. Additionally, since the Federation player is at 3 or less Momentum they regain 1 Momentum when activating the first Gundam Ground Type. (Momentum F:3, Z: 3)

Beam Rifle 3 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+3 (+4 with Flight Mode), the Gouf needs a 4+ to Evade. Evades all 3 Shots.

180mm Cannon 3 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+2, the Zaku needs a 6+. 2 Evades, Cover blocks 1.

180mm Cannon 3 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+2 the Zaku needs a 6+. 0 Evades, Cover blocks 1, the Zeon player is holding onto those 3 Momentum for a specific purpose and unfortunately the Zaku goes down take 1000 DMG

After all units finish activating the Zeon player is going to use the Ambush Command that allows them to drop a unit in outside of the enemy’s Sensor range. Since he has Amphibious Units there is a twist, for 1 Momentum he can Ambush one unit in the water and then pull another Amphibious unit into reserves to Ambush later. So that’s why the Hy-Goggs stayed at far range all round. The Zeon player spends 3 Momentum to drop in his 3 Z’Goks, and pull his Hy-Goggs into reserve for use later.

He puts 2 Z’Goks as close as he can to the GM Sniper while staying outside the 6″ Sensor range of the Gundam Ground Types. For Char’s Z’Gok he puts him as close as he can to the Gundam to settle an old rivalry while staying outside Guncannon’s 6″ Sensor range.

At the end of the round each side gains 1 Momentum. Due to Amuro and Char’s pilot trait, each side gains an additional +1 Momentum at the end of the round. Final Count Federation – 6, Zeon – 2.

Round 2 will be continued in the next post.

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