MechaStellar – Example of Play – Round 2

Alright, so we ended last round with the Zeon player ambushing his 3 Z’Goks and returning the 3 Hy-Goggs into reserves to Ambush later. For this round the Federation has 6 Momentum and the Zeon player has 2 Momentum to start. They roll off and the Federation player goes first.

If you have any questions about this round don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Key Concepts

Targeting & Return Fire – Normally you must target the nearest enemy model. Skilled and Ace Pilots ignore this requirement. When a unit is attacked, if they have not gone yet then they activate next. This helps keep the conflicts feel local as pockets of Mechs duke it out.

Shooting Attack – The defender rolls 1d10 against every Shot. The target number is equal to the enemies Shooting vs their Evade. i.e. Shooting Accuracy 7 vs Evade+2 means you need a 5+ to Evade on each die.

Melee Attack – This is a free action usable only once per turn. Both sides roll a pool of d10s, every 5+ is a success. Whoever has the most wins!

Momentum – A pool of points representing your army’s morale, collective skill, and general sense of winning the conflict. Momentum is most commonly spent to negate enemy Hits so your unit can survive but your force begins losing Momentum as you prioritize survival. Likewise, Skilled and Ace Pilots can spend Momentum on decisive strikes to take down the enemy, but if they overreach it can leave the army defenseless later as we’ll see in Round 3.

Round 2

EFF: Sensing that the GM Sniper [G] won’t last much long he activates him and once again uses Aim for +3 Shooting Accuracy (-3 Momentum) and does a Focus & Gunner’s Gambit bringing the total shots on the Beam Sniper to 5 against the Gouf Flight Test Type (FTT). 5 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 12 vs Evade+3 (+4 from Flight Mode, as a reminder units that used Full Throttle or Flight Mode keep the bonus until their next turn. It can get a little tricky to remember in a large scale game so it might help to use a token to remind you they moved faster this round.)

The Gouf needs an 8+ and Evades 2 which leaves 3 Hits coming at him. Were the Zeon player to spend 2 Momentum they’d still get hit once by a beam weapon with PEN 4 so it’s a high risk of instant death either way. He saves the Momentum and let’s the Gouf get sniped out of the air. The Federation player gains 1 Momentum for destroying an enemy unit (Total 6 – 3 + 1 = 4).

Zeon: Activates a Z’Gok, but rather than pursue the GM Sniper [G] instead moves out of the water behind the Gundam Ground Types, fires it’s TL Megaparticle Gun (4 Shots) with Blindside (Shots+2) in Rapid Fire Range (Shots+3). Ouch. The Federation player uses C&C Operator Support Command, in the Hover Truck Eliwood notices the threat first and alerts Sanders of the approaching underwater threat negating the Tactical Advantage of Blindside.

Back down to 7 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 7 vs Evade+2, the Gundam needs a 5+ to Evade. He evades 3 shots, blocks 1 then gets hit by 3 for 300 DMG each, 900 total bringing the Gundam’s HP down to 1100. Since it’s a beam weapon with PEN 3 there is a chance it will instantly destroy the unit. His Gundam is sturdy and has a +1 to Armor Saves, he rolls a d6+1 Armor Save, if he can get a 3+ he survives, meaning if he rolls a 1 he’s destroyed. 4! Sander’s survives.

Not finished yet the Z’Gok uses its remaining movement to enter Melee Combat and attack Sanders. Since the Federation player used the Command & Control Support Command the Gundam is immune to Tactical Advantage for the full turn so the Z’Gok does not get Blindside on the melee attack either. The Z’Gok is Melee 3d10 and the Gundam [G] has Melee 4d10, the Z’Gok gets a free reroll as the attacker. In Melee every 5+ is a HIT which deals a flat 500 DMG.

Z’Gok: 3d10 -> [2, 8, 7], rerolls the 2 into a 6. 3 HITS!

The Federation player is feeling lucky and uses Make it Count, a pilot skill available to his skilled and ace pilots, he spends 1 Momentum to get +1 HIT and tries to go for a Counterattack.

Gundam Ground Type: 4d10 -> [2, 5, 8, 7] 3 HITs + 1 from Make it Count, 4 Hits total!

On the Counterattack Sander’s had 4 Hits while the Z’Gok had 3, meaning 1 total Hit goes through for 500 DMG. The Beam Saber has PEN 5 so the Z’Gok makes an Armor Save, he needs a 5+ to survive but unfortunately rolls a 2.

In a stunning reversal Sander’s pulls out his beam saber just in time, the Z’Goks Iron Nail stopping just short of impaling his MS while the Beam Saber blazes a hole through the cockpit of the Z’Gok. The Federation player gains +1 Momentum for winning Melee and +1 for destroying an enemy unit. Final Momentum [4 – 1 + 1 + 1 = 5]

EFF: Not wanting to press his luck Sander’s uses Full Throttle but instead of ramming into the Z’Gok underwater with a High Speed Attack he instead blocks the chokepoint that would allow the Z’Gok to access the GM Sniper or Guntank. In a moment of reflection the Zeon player got greedy trying to take out a Gundam Ground Type and should have taken out either the GM Sniper or Guntank first even if it meant giving up tactical advantage from Blindside.

Zeon: Hindsight is 20/20, the Z’gok emerges from the watery depths, moves around the trees and fires a rapid fire (Shots+3) barrage of rockets at the GM Sniper. 7 Shots at Shooting Accuracy 7 vs Evade+0, the GM Sniper needs an 7+ to Evade. Only 1 Evade and 5 Hits at 600 DMG each. The Federation player doesn’t want to lose most of their Momentum to save the sniper and the unit goes down in a brilliant fireball. Zeon gains +1 Momentum (Total 3) for destroying an enemy unit.

EFF: Vengeance! A Gundam Ground Type with a beam rifle activates, fires another 3 shots into a Gouf Flight type then engages the Z’Gok from behind with their beam saber. Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+3 (+4 Flight Mode), the Gouf needs a 4+ and Evades all 3. Now for a Melee with Blindside (+2d10 Melee)

Gundam [G]: 4d10+2d10 [1, 1, 2, 9, 9, 10] Reroll the 1s & 2 into 4,7,9 for 5 Hits total.

Z’Gok: 3d10 [1, 6, 3] 1 Block total. 4 Hits get through dealing 4×500 or 2000 DMG. The Zeon player could burn 3 Momentum for +3 Blocks and only take 500 DMG, but with a PEN of 5 it’s unlikely they’d survive the Armor Save and so the Z’Gok goes down. The Federation player gains +1 Momentum for winning melee and +1 for destroying an enemy unit. (Final Momentum 7)

Zeon: The remaining Gouf Flight Test Type activates, continues using Flight Mode and presses forward finishing it’s movement on top a piece of terrain. It already has high ground due to Flight Mode but never hurts to be king of the hill. It fires at the nearest enemy model, a GM Command Space. It is a Blindside attack so the GM cannot use its Shield.

The Gouf rapid fires a giant bazooka (Shots+1) blindsiding (Shots+2) a GM Command Space. 6 Shots at Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+1 (Full Throttle improves it to +2) the GM needs a 6+ to evade. The GM Evades 3 and can’t use their Shield. The Federation player chooses not to spend 3 Momentum. Zeon gains +1 Momentum for destroying an enemy unit. (Momentum Fed: 7, Zeon: 4)

EFF: Activates the last Gundam Ground Type, since it’s a Skilled pilot they don’t need to target the nearest enemy model and instead move forward then fires its 180mm cannon to pick off a Zaku and gain another Momentum. 3 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+2, the Zaku needs a 6+. The Zaku Evades 0, Cover Blocks 1 shot, the Zeon player elects not to use Momentum then the Zaku takes 2 hits and is destroyed giving the Federation player +1 Momentum.

Zeon: Considers their options, then they activate Char’s Z’Gok next. While they’d like for them to have a showdown with Amuro they can’t ignore the threat posed by the Guncannon with the high ground. Char uses his action on Full Throttle gaining +5 Movement, and +1 Evade until his next turn and he ignores terrain elevation emerging from the depths and striking at the Guncannon with his free melee action. Since he used Full Throttle he opts for a high speed attack which gives +2d10 for a generic ramming attack. As an Ace Pilot Char’s spends 2 Momentum on “Make it Count” which gives him +2 Hits, with Newtype he has a free Focus action which gives him another +1d10.

Char’s Z’Gok: Melee 4d10+3d10 -> [1, 2, 2, 3. 7, 9, 10] -> Reroll [2, 3, 5, 8, 7, 9, 10] = 5 + 2 Hits (Make it Count)

Guncannon: Melee 2d10 -> [1, 1] Ouch! 7 Hits will deal 3500 DMG (7×500) to Guncannon so the Federation player loses 3 Momentum to Block 3 Hits bringing the total down to 2000 DMG. The Guncannon has 1500 HP left. Zeon gains +1 Momentum for winning Melee.

Momentum: Federation 4, Zeon 3

EFF: Surviving the Z’Gok’s wicked onslaught the damaged Guncannon is next. Kai doesn’t stand a chance in Melee so he will use one action to break away, pushing him outside the 2″ engagement range. It fires it’s Beam Rifle in Rapid Fire range (Shots+1). 4 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 10 vs Evade+3 (+4 with Full Throttle), Char’s Z’Gok needs a 6+ to Evade. Char Evades 3, since he has the Elusive pilot trait in the Z’Gok he also Blocks 1 Shot and is safe from injury.

Zeon: Low on Momentum they activate M’Quve in the Gyan next. Since their Momentum is less than or equal to 3 they gain Momentum equal to his pilot level (2) bringing them up to 5. The Gyan moves forward and the two Commanders will duke it out. M’Quve starts with his needle shield in rapid fire range (Shots+4). 7 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade+2, Gundam needs a 7+ to Evade. Amuro evades 3, Shield blocks another then gets hit 4 times for 1200 DMG.

Now for the fun part, the Melee Clash. M’Quve is a Close Combat Expert which gives him +1d10 on Melee when Attacking. Go big or go home so he spends 2 Momentum on Make it Count for +2 Hits.

Gyan Melee: 7d10+1d10 -> [2, 6, 8, 8, 9, 9, 9, 10] rerolls the 2 into a 1 = 7+2 Hits!

Gundam will Block with their Shield (+1 Block) Melee: 5d10 -> [1, 2, 2, 5, 10] 2+1 Block.

9 Hits and 3 Blocks, 6 Hits are getting through. Since Gundam is extremely durable the Federation player knows it will most likely survive, however, they spend 2 Momentum on Defense bringing the total hits down to 4. They do this since they know when they activate Gundam on his turn, their Momentum will be at 3 or less and so will instantly regain the 2 they just spent.

The Gundam takes 2000 (4×500) DMG. Now time for the Armor Save, the Gyan’s Beam Saber is PEN 5, Gundam has Armor Save+1 so he needs a 4+ on the d6. Gundam also gets a reroll on its Armor Save but thankfully doesn’t need it and rolls a 4. Zeon gains +1 Momentum for winning the Melee Clash.

Momentum: Federation 2, Zeon 3.

EFF: Now for the reprisal. Gundam activates and they gain 2 Momentum. Already in Melee Gundam chooses to continue the battle, with Newtype he gets a free Focus actions (Melee+1d10) and he spends 2 Momentum on Make it Count for +2 Hits.

Gundam Melee: 5d10+1d10 -> [1, 1, 4, 8, 9, 10] rerolling the 1s&4 to 3, 8 & 9 =5+2 Hits!!

The Gyan has a Melee Shield and Noble which can give +1 Melee Block or +1d10 Melee Counterattack. The Gyan opts for Blocking since they aren’t confident on rolling enough Hits on the Counterattack to pull it off.

Gyan Melee 7d10 -> [2, 2, 3, 3, 4, 8] = 1+2 Blocks (Shield & Noble).

7 Hits and 3 Blocks, 4 Hits are getting through for 2000 DMG. The Gyan has 1000 HP, so if they lost all 3 Momentum it would survive with 500 HP, but with a PEN 5 Armor Save it’s unlikely they’d survive. Thankfully the Gyan has Unyielding as the Commander trait, so the Zeon player spends 0 Momentum and the Gyan survives with 1 HP. The Federation gains +1 Momentum for winning Melee Combat.

Momentum: Fed 3, Zeon 3

Zeon: Time for the Dom’s to make their move. The first Dom will get close enough to the Guncannon to hit it with it’s Blinding Flash (Blindside +2 Shots), then fire it’s Bazooka in rapid fire range (Shots+1). 6 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade+1, the Guncannon needs an 8+ to Evade. Kai luckily evades 3 and his natural cowardice is manifested in the Elusive trait blocking another shot, the Federation player loses 2 Momentum to negate the last 2 Shots.

EFF: Guntank goes and does an indirect fire volley into the farthest Dom that hasn’t activated yet. It uses a Focus action and Gunner’s Gambit for a 2nd Focus (+2 Shots). 6 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+3, the Dom needs a 5+ to Evade. The Dom Evades 4 of them, the player then uses the “Improvise” Command allowing them rerolls on all dice this turn. The Dom rerolls the last 2 Evades and luckily evades all 6 without having to spend any Momentum.

Zeon: The 2nd Dom activates, since it cannot see or get to the Guntank the Return Fire mechanic does not apply. The Dom does a repeat and tries to take out the Guncannon with Flash, Shoot, then retreat to Cover. 6 Shots, Shooting 9 vs Evade+1, the Guncannon needs an 8+. Kai evades 2, Elusive blocks a 3rd, there are 3 Hits and the Federation player only has 1 Momentum left which they spend. Kai takes 1400 (700×2) DMG and survives with 100 HP, now for the Armor Save. The Giant Bazooka is PEN 2, if Guncannon has Armor Save+1, so it automatically passes the Armor Save.

EFF: With most of the units activated in that corner the Federation player switches gears and activates the last GM Command Space, it whirls around and fires on the Gouf Flight Type, even with the terrain the GM is just barely able to get into Rapid Fire range (Shots+3). 6 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade+3 (+4 with Full Throttle), the Gouf needs a 5+ to Evade. They luckily Evade all 6.

Zeon: The left side Zaku II activate and fires a volley of 5 shots into the Blue Destiny. Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+3 (+4 Full Throttle, it’s been a while but the Blue Destiny did use Full Throttle on its last turn). Evades 4 then the Shield blocks the last hit.

EFF: The Blue Destiny goes next, ignores the Zaku then heads towards the Dom’s. Using the Full Throttle action in lieu of a Shooting attack let’s the Blue Destiny engage the Dom in Melee. The Dom’s heatsword gives +1d10 on Melee Counterattack.

BD Unit 1 Melee -> 7d10 [1, 2, 2, 6, 6, 7, 10] Reroll the 1&2s into 4,7&8 for 6 Hits total.

Dom Melee -> 3d10 [5, 7, 10] = 3 Blocks.

3 Hit coming through and the Zeon player is in a predicament since they wanted to use the last 3 Momentum to deploy their Hy-Goggs at the end of the round using Ambush. The Zeon player sticks with that strategy and the Dom is destroyed by the Beam Saber slash. Federation gains +1 Momentum for winning Melee and +1 for destroying a unit.

Momentum: Federation 3, Zeon 3.

Zeon: While the Zaku would love to Blindside the GM Command Space who spun around to fire at the Gouf Flight Test Type, unfortunately they are not the closest enemy model. The Zaku II uses Full Throttle and moves left, hoping to shoot into the Blue Destiny’s backside next turn.

EFF: Zeon is out of units so the Federation moves their remaining models the GM Cold Districts back to back. Each of them move forward and fire 5 shots into the Zaku who just moved as the closest target. Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+2 (+3 with Full Throttle), the Zaku II needs a 5+. The Zaku evades the first volley, for the second volley he evades 4 shots then Cover blocks the 5th, on the last volley he Evades 3 shots, Cover Blocks 1 then he takes 200 DMG. As you can see Full Throttle with Cover from the Forest can be a powerful defensive combination.

After the Federation player has activated all their units, Zeon uses their last 3 Momentum to Ambush in the Hy-Goggs staying out of Sensors or Line of Sight of the enemy models and deploying in the lake near all the excitement. The Zeon player stages two close to the Blue Destiny and one near the Gundam Ground Types.

At the end of the round both sides gain +1 Momentum, due to Amuro and Char’s renowned pilot trait they each gain an additional +1 Momentum.

Final Momentum: Federation 5, Zeon 2.

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