MechaStellar – Example of Play – Round 3

Alright, so we ended last round with the Zeon player ambushing their 3 Hy-Goggs near the heaviest action hoping to reverse the tide of this conflict. So far Zeon has sustained several casualties and their Commander is one hit away from being destroyed. For this round the Federation has 6 Momentum and the Zeon player has 2 Momentum to start. They roll off and the Zeon player goes first.

If you have any questions about this round don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Key Concepts

Targeting & Return Fire – Normally you must target the nearest enemy model. Skilled and Ace Pilots ignore this requirement. When a unit is attacked, if they have not gone yet then they activate next. This helps keep the conflicts feel local as pockets of Mechs duke it out.

Shooting Attack – The defender rolls 1d10 against every Shot. The target number is equal to the enemies Shooting vs their Evade. i.e. Shooting Accuracy 7 vs Evade+2 means you need a 5+ to Evade on each die.

Melee Attack – This is a free action usable only once per turn. Both sides roll a pool of d10s, every 5+ is a success. Whoever has the most wins!

Momentum – A pool of points representing your army’s morale, collective skill, and general sense of winning the conflict. Momentum is most commonly spent to negate enemy Hits so your unit can survive but your force begins losing Momentum as you prioritize survival. Likewise, Skilled and Ace Pilots can spend Momentum on decisive strikes to take down the enemy, but if they overreach it can leave the army defenseless later as we’ll see in Round 3.

Zeon: Since they’re going first they are going to issue a Challenge. Char will change Amuro, the two of them must target one another if able. This provides limited protection to the Gyan who was nearly destroyed last turn.

Char’s Z’Gok activates, since the Zeon player is at 3 or less Momentum they gain Momentum equal to Char’s Pilot level (+2) bringing them up to 4 Momentum. Char drops off the terrain and attacks Gundam from behind. The Blindside attack would ignore Gundam’s shield however, as a Newtype he is immune to Blindside. Char uses Make it Count spending 2 Momentum for +2 Hits and Newtype gives him a free Focus action (Melee+1d10).

Char’s Z’Gok Melee 4d10+1d10 -> [1, 7, 7, 9, 10] the 1 rerolls into a 2 = 4+2 Hits

Gundam Melee 5d10 -> [2, 3, 4, 5, 5] = 2 Blocks + 1 Shield Block

3 Hits coming through, the Federation player will lose 3 Momentum bringing them down to 2, and ending Melee in a draw. Char gains +1 Momentum for winning Melee (3 Total), the Gundam gets a free spin and orients the model accordingly.

EFF: The Gundam is next and due to the Challenge must fight Char. Since the Federation player wisely spent Momentum to get them at 3 or less Momentum, they regain Momentum equal to Amuro’s pilot level (+2) bringing them up to 4. Amuro has Newtype and gets a free Focus Actions (+1d10). The Gundam attacks in Melee, it is using twin beam sabers which give it +1d10 Melee ATK and spends 2 Momentum on Make it Count for +2 Hits.

Gundam Melee 5d10+2d10 -> [2, 3, 3, 7, 8, 8, 10] the 2&3s reroll into 1, 2 & 4 = 3+2 Hits

Z’Gok Melee 4d10 -> [1, 2, 7, 9] = 2 Blocks.

Things aren’t looking good for the Red Comet here with 4 Hits that will make it through. They can’t force a draw so they are taking damage no matter what followed by a PEN 5 Armor Save, or they can spend 0 Momentum and accept the loss. Char is a strong unit so let’s try it. Zeon spends 2 Momentum and Char takes 1000 DMG (2x 500) then an Armor Save. Char rolls a 6 and survives with 500 HP!

Normally after winning (or drawing) in the Melee clash the attacker can break away from that engagement, this let’s them use their action on a shooting attack if they haven’t already. However, since the Gundam is in a pincer attack between the Gyan and Z’Gok he’s trapped where he is. The Federation player could have used Gundam’s action to Focus for another +1d10 but forgot he was pinned between two enemies. The Federation player gains +1 Momentum for winning Melee.

Momentum: Zeon 1, Federation 3

Zeon: With the Federation player somewhat low on Momentum he’s going to spring a surprise assault with his Hy-Gogg, upon activating the Hy-Gogg the Zeon player gains +1 Momentum since they activated a Skilled pilot. It emerges from the water depths and then he uses the “All-Out Attack” command firing every available weapon he has Blindsiding (Shots+2) a Gundam Ground Type. The Hy-Gogg rapid fires it’s machine cannon, TL Mega Particle Gun, and Torpedo Pod (it had already fired and discarded the Antiship Missile in Round 1).

Machine Cannon 10+2 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade+2, the Gundam [G] needs a 7+. Gundam [G] luckily gets 4 Evades and is looking at 8 Hits dealing 1600 DMG (8×200). The Federation player considers using the “Improvise Command” it would give them a reroll on all dice this turn, but decides against it since they still need an 7+.

TL Megaparticle Gun 7+2 Shots, Gundam [G] needs an 7+. Gundam [G] evades 2 and gets hit 7 times for 2100 damage and is destroyed. Zeon gains +1 momentum for destroying an enemy unit. The Hy-Gogg still has movement and then Blindsides (Melee+2d10) Karen in the Gundam [G] with a Beam Rifle. They spend 1 Momentum on Make it Count for +1 Hit.

Hy-Gogg Melee 5d10+2d10 -> [1, 1, 5, 5, 7, 9, 10] rerolls the 1s into a 2&10 = 6+1 Hits

Gundam [G] Melee 4d10 -> [4, 4, 8, 9] = 2 Blocks

5 Hits get through, The Federation player loses 1 Momentum for only 4 hits dealing 2000 DMG. Karen survives with 500 HP. Zeon gains +1 Momentum for winning Melee.

Momentum: Zeon 4, Federation 2.

EFF: Reprisal! Karen strikes back with her beam saber and uses Make it Count for +1 Hit. This uses up the Momentum gained for activating a Skilled pilot while the player was at 3 or less total momentum.

Gundam [G] 4d10 -> [1, 2, 5, 6] the 1&2 reroll into a 2s = 2+1 Hits

Hygogg 5d10 -> [3, 3, 5, 5, 7] = 3 Blocks

A draw, so the Federation player at least gains +1 Momentum and more importantly gains the option to disengage which Karen gladly does. Now that she’s broken out of Melee she uses her action to rapid fire (Shots+1) her beam rifle at the Hy-Gogg. 4 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+3, the Hy-Gogg needs a 5+ to Evade. The Hy-Gogg evades 1 then the player loses 3 Momentum to negate the rest rather than risk an Armor Save.

Momentum: Zeon 1, Federation 3

Zeon: Another Hy-Gogg activates and the Skilled Pilot gives +1 Momentum. It fires a rapid fire (Shots+5) volley of torpedos into Karen before engaging Sanders in Melee. 8 Shots, Shooting 9 vs Evade+2, Gundam [G] needs an 7+. Evades 3 then takes 5 hits for 1500 DMG (5×300) and is destroyed. Zeon gains +1 Momentum.

Now for Melee, the Hy-Gogg spends 1 Momentum to Blindside (+2d10) with their Killer Claws and another Momentum for Make it Count giving +1 Hit.

Hy-Gogg Melee 5d10+2d10 -> [1, 2, 3, 3, 5, 7, 7] reroll [1, 2, 5, 7, 7, 7, 10] = 5+1 Hits

Sander’s Gundam [G] 4d10 -> [4, 4, 4, 9] = 1 Block

5 Hits get through, the Federation player loses 3 Momentum and takes 1000 DMG (2×500) bringing their HP from 1100 -> 100. Zeon gains +1 Momentum for winning in the Melee Clash.

Momentum: Zeon 2, Federation 0.

Federation: Sander’s activates and the player gains +1 Momentum. He wants to try and finish things in Melee and force an Armor Save, he uses his action to Focus (+1d10) and spends 1 Momentum on Make it Count for +1 Hit.

Gundam [G] Melee 4d10+1d10 -> [1, 1, 5, 7, 7] the 1s rerolls into an 3&8 = 4+1 Hits

Hy-Gogg Melee 5d10 -> [1, 3, 3, 6, 7] = 2 Blocks

3 Hits get through and Zeon only has 2 Momentum left. No matter what the Hy-Gogg will take damage and thus have to make an Armor Save. Zeon spends 1 Momentum and gambles on an Armor Save after taking 1000 DMG. Oof, rolled a 4 and the Hy-Gogg is bisected by a beam saber. That’s two kills for Sanders the Grim Reaper. Federation gains +2 Momentum for destroying an enemy and winning Melee.

Momentum: Zeon 1, Federation 2.

Zeon: The Gyan is chosen to go next bringing Momentum up to 3. M’Quve’s Close Combat Expert grants +1d10 Melee Attack, he spends 1 Momentum on make it count (+1 Hit) against the Gundam.

Gyan 7d10+1d10 -> [1, 2, 2, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7] reroll [2, 3, 5, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10] = 7+1 Hits

Gundam 5d10 -> [1, 3, 4, 6, 10] -> 2 Blocks + 1 Shield Block

5 Hits get through, the Federation player elects to spend 0 Momentum so Gundam takes 2500 DMG (5×500) and a PEN 5 Armor Save. The Gundam has +1 to it’s d6 roll so it needs a 4+. It rolls a 6 and survives.

Having won the Melee (+1 Momentum) the Gyan elects to disengage and then rapid fires (shots+4) it’s last Needle Missile into the Guncannon. 7 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade+1, the Guncannon needs an 8+. Kai evades 3, Elusive blocks another then takes 4 hits for 1200 DMG (4×300).

Since he only had 100 HP left this was a tough one to escape. Zeon gains +1 Momentum, the Gyan retreats backwards and positions itself between the Blue Destiny and the last Dom. Amuro swears revenge on M’Quve for taking down Kai, for the rest of the game Amuro has tactical advantage (Shots+2 / Melee+2d10) against M’Quve.

Momentum: Zeon 4, Federation 2

EFF: Activates the Blue Destiny Unit 1 next, gains +1 Momentum from the Skilled Pilot and considers his options. He’d prefer to Melee the Dom but the Gyan is in the way. However, the Gyan is one hit away from destruction and the Blue Destiny has a machinegun with a high rate of fire so if he can take him out he can take out the Dom. 10 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade+3, the Gyan needs a 6+ to Evade. He evades 7 then loses 3 Momentum (1 left) to avoid being destroyed. BD1 then moves into Melee and uses Make it Count (+1 Hit) for 1 Momentum.

BD Unit 1 Melee 7d10 -> [2, 2, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7] rerolls the 2s&4 into 1, 3 & 8 = 5+1 Hits

Gyan Melee 7d10 -> [1, 3, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9] = 2 Blocks +2 Blocks (Noble & Shield)

1 Hit gets through and the Zeon player burns their last momentum to keep the Gyan alive. He’s got plans for him later this turn. The Federation gains +1 Momentum for victory in Melee.

Momentum: Federation 3, Zeon 0

Zeon: Unfortunately with the Blue Destiny tied up in Melee that ruined our plans to Blindside him with the Hy-Gogg. Instead Zeon activates the Gouf Flight Test Type, uses Flight Mode as normal and then moves into Melee with the GM below it (High Ground +2d10). The GM has an Overwatch weapon but the Gouf luckily Evades then makes a Melee attack.

Gouf FTT Melee 4d10+2d10 -> [2, 2, 5, 5, 6, 9] rerolling the 2s into 3&7 = 5 Hits

GM Command Space Melee 5d10 -> [3, 3, 4, 4, 9] = 1 Block + 1 Shield Block

3 Hits get through, the Federation player doesn’t want to burn their last 3 Momentum and so the GM goes down from a flying kick from the Gouf FTT. Zeon gains +2 Momentum for Melee Victory & destroying an enemy.

Then they use their excellent movement to move close to Karen’s Gundam [G], she’s only got 500 HP so he uses his machinegun hands. 10 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+2, Gundam [G] needs a 6+ to Evade. Luckily Evades 5, +1 Shield Block which leaves 4 Hits. The Federation player spends 2 Momentum, so Karen takes 400 DMG (2×200) and survives with 100 HP.

EFF: The Guntank goes next, and uses it’s impressive Indirect Fire range to bombard the Zaku in the backfield, if it goes down it will increase their struggling supply of Momentum. The Guntank uses Focus and Gunner’s Gambit (+2 shots). 6 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+2, the Zaku II needs a 6+ to Evade. The lucky Zaku evades 4, Cover Blocks 1 then takes 500 DMG and survives.

Zeon: The injured Zaku cannot see the Guntank and so throws caution to the wind and goes in for a charge, Full Throttle puts him just inside the Blue Destiny’s engagement range for a Blindside (+2d10). Blue Destiny goes for a counterattack and uses 1 Momentum on Make it Count for +1 Hit.

Zaku II Melee 4d10+2d10 -> [1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 8] oof, reroll [1, 1, 8, 8, 9, 10] = 4 Hits!

Blue Destiny Melee 7d10 -> [1, 1, 3, 3, 4, 7, 8] = 2 Hits +1 Make it Count +1 Hit from the Defiance pilot trait.

Draw! A better roll would have resulted in the Zaku being destroyed on its own turn. Zeon gain’s +1 Momentum for the Melee victory.

Momentum: Zeon 3, Federation 0.

EFF: Time to activate the GM Cold Districts, the first one moves into rapid fire range looking to take out the last Zaku who has yet to activate but there’s a surprise in wait for him. After moving, the Gyan uses “Hide Bombs” and rolls a d6, on a 4+ the target takes 700 DMG unless they spend 1 Momentum. The Zeon player rolls a 5, and unfortunately the Federation player is out of Momentum. The GM steps on one of M’Quves hidden mines and is destroyed. Zeon gains +1 Momentum.

Zeon: The Zaku II activates, moves into Rapid Fire (Shots+5) range and fires then retreats out of the enemies Rapid Fire range. 10 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+2, the GM Cold Districts needs a 6+ to Evade. Evades 6, Shield Blocks 1 then takes 3 Hits totaling 600 DMG and survives.

EFF: Is at an impasse here, he currently has 0 Momentum so if he moves there’s a 50% chance the unit will step on a mine and explode. Rather dastardly of M’Quve who waited to use this so late in the game. Not wanting to waste an activate the GM will shoot where it is prior to moving, 5 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+2, the Zaku needs a 6+ to Evade. Evades 3, Cover Blocks 1 then takes another 200 DMG.

Now the GM moves into Melee, M’Quve activates Hide Bombs and rolls a d6, 6! The GM takes 700 DMG and explodes. Zeon gains +1 Momentum.

Momentum: Zeon 5, Federation 0.

Zeon: Activates the last Hy-Gogg, moves forward then burns 3 Momentum to reactivate “All-Out Attack” firing all its weapons into Sander’s Gundam Ground Type. Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade+2, Sanders’ needs a 7+ to Evade.

TL Megaparticle Cannon 7 Shots, Evades 3, Shield Blocks 1, 3 Hits for 900 DMG (3×300) at PEN 3. The Gundam [G] passes the Armor Save.

Torpedo Pod 7 Shots, Evades 2, Shield Blocks 1, takes 4 Hits for 1200 DMG (4×300) and the Gundam goes down. Zeon gains +1 Momentum for destroying an enemy unit.

Momentum: Zeon 3, Federation 0.

EFF: Activates their last unit, the remaining GM Cold District. This one will again fire prior to moving, 5 Shots, 6+ to Evade. The Zaku Evades 2, Cover blocks 1, then Zeon loses 1 Momentum to negate one shot, taking 200 DMG and leaving him at 100 HP. Now or never the GM moves forward into Melee, M’Quve activates Hide Bombs then rolls a 1! The GM survives and moves into Melee. But first Overwatch!

Zaku II Machine Gun (Overwatch III) -> 3 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade +2, the GM Evades 2 and the Shield blocks the 3rd shot. The Zaku has +1d10 Melee Counterattack from its Heat Hawk.

GM Cold Districts Melee 4d10 -> [5, 8, 9, 9] 4 Hits

Zaku II Melee 3d10+1d10 -> [4, 4, 8, 9] = 2 Blocks.

Zeon chooses not to spend any Momentum since the Zaku is unlikely to get a turn before being destroyed next round. The Federation gains +2 Momentum for a Melee victory and destroying an enemy unit.

Momentum: Zeon 2, Federation 2

Zeon: Activates their last unit the Dom, fires a Bazooka across the lake at Karen’s Gundam Ground Type. 3 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade+2, the Gundam [G] needs a 7+ to Evade. Evades 0, Shield Blocks 1 then spends 2 Momentum to survive. The Dom then takes his changes and moves into Melee with the Gundam, the Gundam goes for a Counterattack.

Dom Melee 3d10+1d10 -> [1, 2, 4, 9] reroll [3, 6, 9, 9] = 3 Hits

Gundam Melee 5d10 -> [1, 3, 4, 6, 7] the Federation player uses Improvise and rerolls into [2, 6, 7, 7, 10] = 4 Hits!

The Gundam’s counterattack is successful, the Dom takes 500 DMG and makes an Armor Save. Due to his pilot trait his Beam Saber is PEN 6. The Dom rolls a 2 and is cleaved in half by Amuro. The Federation gains +2 Momentum for a melee victory and destroying an enemy.

At the end of the round, each side gains +1 Momentum and with Amuro and Char still on the field they gain another +1 Momentum. Final count: Federation 4, Zeon 4.

Based on Round 1 we thought Zeon was going to get routed in Round 3 but they managed to pull through by relying on their Skilled and Ace pilots to continuously boost their falling Momentum and pick off some hard targets. M’Quve’s hide bombs were the surprise finish this round, it was cutting it close with how low his HP was, had he perished his hidden bombs and devious machinations would have gone with him.

The battle continues in Round 4.

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