MechaStellar – Example of Play – Round 4

Okay then, with severe casualties on both sides we are heading into the homestretch of this battle. Last round closed out with several powerful units in Melee and a handful of survivors engaged in ranged combat. For this round the both the Federation and Zeon have 4 Momentum to start. Zeon wins the roll off and goes first.

If you have any questions about this round don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Key Concepts

Targeting & Return Fire – Normally you must target the nearest enemy model. Skilled and Ace Pilots ignore this requirement. When a unit is attacked, if they have not gone yet then they activate next. This helps keep the conflicts feel local as pockets of Mechs duke it out.

Shooting Attack – The defender rolls 1d10 against every Shot. The target number is equal to the enemies Shooting vs their Evade. i.e. Shooting Accuracy 7 vs Evade+2 means you need a 5+ to Evade on each die.

Melee Attack – This is a free action usable only once per turn. Both sides roll a pool of d10s, every 5+ is a success. Whoever has the most wins!

Momentum – A pool of points representing your army’s morale, collective skill, and general sense of winning the conflict. Momentum is most commonly spent to negate enemy Hits so your unit can survive but your force begins losing Momentum as you prioritize survival. Likewise, Skilled and Ace Pilots can spend Momentum on decisive strikes to take down the enemy, but if they overreach it can leave the army defenseless later as seen in Round 3 with M’Quve’s Hide Bombs.

Round 4

Zeon: Decisions, decisions. It’s unlikely any of his units will be able to take out the Gundam or Blue Destiny in one turn, he could go after the Guntank or low HP Gundam Ground Type, but then he’d risk losing either the Gyan or Z’Gok before they have a chance to activate. Almost choosing the Gyan he reverses course and instead opts to go with the Z’Gok as his first activation. Once more Char issues a challenge to Amuro and the two must fight one another. Char’s Z’Gok starts off by using a Melee Attack. He spends 2 Momentum on Make it Count for +2 Hits and Newtype focus grants an additional Melee+1d10.

Char’s Z’Gok Melee 4d10+1d10 -> [4, 4, 6, 6, 8] the 4s rerolls into a 3&8 = 4+2 Hits

Gundam Melee 5d10 -> [2, 2, 4, 6, 7] = 2 Blocks + 1 Shield Block

3 Hits will get through, the Federation player loses 2 Momentum and instead takes 500 DMG. Zeon gains +1 Momentum for winning the Melee Clash. Having won Melee, Char elects to disengage, then fires his TL Megaparticle Guns at Gundam. 7 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+2, Amuro needs a 6+ to Evade. Wow! 6 Evades, the last one is blocked by the Shield. Rather impressive by our infamous Newtype pilot. Char retreats backward then ends his turn.

Momentum: Federation 2, Zeon 3

EFF: Gundam goes next and they gain +2 Momentum when activated, Char moved far enough back that Gundam will need to use Full Throttle to reach him instead of firing his beam rifle and so he does. As a Newtype he uses his free Focus on Melee (+1d10) and his twin beam sabers give another +1d10. He spends 2 Momentum on Make it Count for +2 Hits.

Gundam Melee 5d10+2d10 -> [4, 4, 4, 7, 8, 8, 9] the 4s rerolls into a 2,3&7 = 5+2 Hits

Z’Gok Melee 4d10 -> [3, 4, 4, 8] = 1 Block

6 Hits will get through, unfortunately this is the end for Char’s Z’Gok. Right before Amuro pluges in the beam saber he was sure he saw the cockpit hatch open. It would seem his rival will return at another time. The Federation gains +2 Momentum for winning Melee and destroying an enemy unit.

Momentum: Federation 4, Zeon 3

Zeon: A Hy-Gogg goes next, Zeon gains +1 for activating the Skilled pilot while their Momentum was at 3 or less. The Hy-Gogg engages Karen’s Gundam Ground Type in Melee, it uses 1 Momentum for a Blindside (+2d10) with its Killer Claws and another Momentum for Make it Count for +1 Hit.

Hy-Gogg Melee 5d10+2d10 -> [1, 1, 1, 4, 5, 6, 9] reroll [1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 9, 9] = 5+1 Hits!

Karen Melee 4d10 -> [1, 3, 5, 7] = 2 Blocks

4 Hits will go through, since the Momentum cap is 3 there’s no way to save Master Chief Karen Joshua. She’s the last of the 08th MS Team to go down. Zeon gains +2 Momentum for a melee victory and destroying the enemy recouping their attack investment.

Next the Hy-Gogg moves left and rapid fires into the Gundam’s backside with it’s TL Megaparticle Gun. Sine Amuro is a Newtype he’s immune to Blindside. 7 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade+2, Amuro needs a 7+ to Evade. Evades 4 then loses 3 Momentum to negate the rest.

Momentum: Zeon 4, Federation 1

EFF: The Hy-Gogg should have tried to take out the Guntank, that will cost him. The Guntank rotates, uses Gunner’s Gambit (Shots+1) and rapid fires (Shots+3) it’s Howtizer Hands into the Hy-Gogg. 7 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 8 vs Evade+3, the Hy-Gogg needs a 5+ to Evade. Evades 3, Elusive blocks another then loses 3 Momentum. Next the Guntank opens fire with it’s cannons. Shots 4, the Hy-Gogg needs a 5+ to Evade. Ouch, Evades 1, and the Hy-Gogg goes down taking a lot of Momentum with it. Federation gains +1 Momentum for destroying an enemy unit.

Momentum: Zeon 1, Federation 1.

Zeon: Well, now or never. The Gyan activates and gains +2 Momentum, with it’s single HP clashes in Melee with the Blue Destiny. M’Quve Close Combat Expert gives Melee ATK+1d10 and he spends 2 Momentum on Make it Count (+2 Hits).

Gyan 7d10+1d10 -> [ 2, 2, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10] the 2s & 4 reroll into 2, 3, 3 & 8 = 5+2 Hit!

Blue Destiny 7d10 -> [2, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10]. The Federation player spends 2 Momentum to reuse the “Improvise Command” giving Rerolls on all dice this turn. Reroll [2, 6, 6, 7, 8, 10, 10] = 6 Hits + 1 from Defiance

DRAW! Once again, the Blue Destiny was so close to destroying the enemy on their own turn. It was a fantastically lucky roll that spared him from an Armor Save as well. Zeon gains +1 Momentum for a draw as the attacker in Melee.

Momentum: Federation 0, Zeon 2.

EFF: Now it’s time for the Blue Destiny to go. The Skill Pilot gives +1 Momentum. Defiance gives +1 Hit on Return Fire, so he opens up with his machine cannon into the Gyan, 10 Shots & 1 Hit, Evades 4 the remaining 7 Hits destroy the Gyan. The Federation gains +1 Momentum. Next the Blue Destiny finishes off the Zaku in Melee.

BD Unit 1 Melee 7d10 -> [1, 2, 2, 3, 7, 8, 10] reroll [2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 10] = 5 Hits!

Zaku Melee 4d10+1d10 [3, 3, 4, 7, 9] = 2 Blocks

3 Hits will get through destroying the Zaku. The Federation gains +2 Momentum for defeating an enemy with a victory in Melee. It then moves forward hoping to link up with the remaining forces.

Momentum: Federation 4, Zeon 2

Zeon: The last Hy-Gogg activates, giving +1 Momentum as a Skilled Pilot. It moves forward and engages the Guntank. It spends 1 Momentum to Blindside (+2d10) with it’s Killer Claws which also gets it around Overwatch as it tumble across the ground evading fire before plunging it’s claws into the Guntank.

Hy-Gogg Melee 5d10+2d10 -> [4, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7, 8] reroll the 4s into a 2&3 = 5 Hits

Guntank Melee 1d10 -> [4] = 0 Blocks

The Guntank takes 2500 DMG (5×500) and is destroyed. Zeon gains +2 Momentum for that. It then uses 3 Momentum to reactivate “All-Out Attack” firing all it’s remaining weapons at the Gundam. Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade+2 (+3 with Full Throttle). Gundam needs a 6+ to Evade.

TL Megaparticle Guns – 7 Shots, Evades 5, loses 2 Momentum.

Machine Cannon – 10 Shots, Evades 8 (great roll!) then takes 400 DMG. Gundam has taken 5600 so far and survives with 400 HP.

Momentum: Zeon 1, Federation 2

EFF: The last GM Cold District uses Full Throttle and heads towards the conflict.

Zeon: The Gouf Flying Test Type activates Flight Mode, even though Amuro is immune to the High Ground advantage the Evade bonus can still come in handy. It moves forward then Rapid Fires (Shots+1) it’s Giant Bazooka into the Gundam. 4 Shots, Shooting Accuracy 9 vs Evade+2 (+3 with Full Throttle), Amuro needs a 6+. Evades all 4.

With that we are out of activations. The last few rounds go by pretty quick since there are fewer surviving models. At the end of the round each side gains 1 Momentum, Amuro is still on the Battlefield so the Federation gains an additional +1. We close out the round with Zeon having 2 Momentum and the Federation having 4.

Normally you remove models when they are destroyed but we had been leaving them in place to show the path of carnage on the battlefield. The Final Round post will have the battlefield decluttered, to make it easier to identify the surviving models.

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