[MS] Unit Roster Update 15OCT21

Last week we released the Defend the City | Rampage game type as well as units from Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV) including three Evas and two Angels, Sachiel and Shamsel.  This week we are releasing the 6th, 7th, 13th and 14th angel.  Next week we’ll be switching things up and releasing units from Pacific Rim to give you more ways to make use of the Defend the City | Rampage game mode.

Starting with the 6th Angel we have Gaghiel, this Angel appears the same episode the Evangelion Unit 02, Production type, and it’s pilot Asuka Langley Soryu.  Gaghiel is one of the largest angels we see, resembling a prehistoric creature like a mossosaur.  If you want to use Gaghiel in a Defend the City game, swap out buildings for naval ships and aircraft carriers.  Don’t forget since Gaghiel is Colossal then smaller units do not get a size bonus against them, even in Defend the City.

Next up is the 7th Angel Israfel from the episode “Dance like you want to Win”.  Israfel was a peculiar angel that was able to split into two angels of different colors who properly walloped Eva Unit 01 and 02 who at the time had terrible teamwork and were adept at getting in each others way.  One of the sillier episodes of Evangelion, this episode involved a choreographed fight set to classical music to knock both halves of the angel back together then destroy it simultaneously.  We wanted to have some fun with this angel and so we gave it an ability where both units must be destroyed on the same turn, if only one is destroyed then a fully restored model will be placed next to the surviving one at the start of the next turn starting the sequence all over again.

The 13th Angel is an unusual one and a very tragic and gruesome episode to accompany it.  The completed Eva Unit 03 was infected by the angel Bardiel and when it went through testing and activation the angel took over where it began shambling through the countryside defeating other Evas until it came across Unit 01.

Last up is the 14th angel Zeruel who we’ve shown in some previous posts discussing Gigas class weapons.  Zeruel was one of the most lethal angels they faced, quickly disarming Unit 02, surviving an N2 Mine shoved past the AT Field and withstanding tremendous amounts of punishment.  Highly lethal it nearly wiped out Unit 01 on two occasions, instead taking off an arm and nearly destroying its core before the Eva went berserk.  For Zeruel we gave him an exceptionally strong AT Field to represent how most attacks left him unphased.  You’ll need multiple Evas working in concert to bring him down.

For rules updates the AT Field from last week has the second clause modified.  We got some feedback that its previous incarnation discouraged getting close, which is the opposite of what we usually see in the show.  So instead of turning off Rapid Fire for PEN 1/2/3 weapons instead it will gain +1 Block.  The “Neutralize AT Field” ability the EVAs have may get downgraded to 2d10 in the future if it proves to be too useful.

Summary of changes:

-Added 4 new units for Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV)

-Increased range on AT Field Neutralize to 20″

-Upgraded Sachiel’s AT Field and Cost (+50)

-Upgraded Sachiel’s AT Field and Cost (+50)

-Corrected error on Cross Explosion where it should be 2″ wide line vice 5″ wide circle

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