MechaStellar Battle Report – GP03 Dendrobium vs The Delaz Fleet

GP03 Dendrobium vs The Delaz Fleet

Here’s a short battle report on using GP03 by itself against a portion of the Delaz fleet. This Gundam tabletop tactics game involved GP03 Dendrobium, three Musai class cruisers, 9 Zaku IIs, and 3 Rick Dom IIs.

One of our players mentioned having issues running GP03 against large numbers of units so we opted to use the Zaku II over the F2 since they’re a cheaper unit and we wanted to try and overwhelm GP03.

The models used are the Gundam 1/400 collection for the Zaku II and Rick Dom II, the 1/1200 Gunpla kit for two Musai and the MSiA Peer Gynt for the larger more detailed cruiser and GP03 Dendrobium. You can read more about miniatures for Gundam and Stellar Warships in these posts.

Below the break will be a more photos and a battle report that tracks Momentum and damage to GP03 Dendrobium as well as a post mortem discussing the Gundam tactics and misplays.

GP03 Dendrobium vs Rick Dom II Zaku II Musai cruiser

Round 1

Starting Momentum GP03:6 / D:6.  Closing Momentum GP03:5 / D:1

GP03 flies up the board with Full Throttle and unleashes two bursts of Micromissiles, each one can have two targets thanks to the Missile Massacre trait.  It destroys two Zaku IIs and wounds a Zaku and Rick Dom. 

GP03 Dendrobium vs Rick Dom II Zaku II

Zeon moves its forces up and most of them are able to make an attack.  The units affected by Minovsky particle scattering score almost zero hits.  The Rick Doms made it close enough to strike and burned through a good chunk of GP03’s Momentum as it rolls and evades.  Afterwards, each of the Musai cruisers launched a series of missile barrages and a Twin-Linked Mega Particle Cannon (TL MPC).

GP03 has taken 1100DMG so far.

GP03 Dendrobium vs Rick Dom II Zaku II

Round 2

Starting Momentum GP03:6 / D:2.  Closing Momentum  GP03:0 / D:2

A Zaku II seizes initiative and unloads its Machine Gun into GP03 before charging into Melee.  GP03 allocates 4 power to the Antiship sword and parries the attack, on its turn it cleaves through the Zaku, then allocates remaining power to micro-missiles taking out a Rick Dom and Zaku II, then it uses Full Throttle to get out of dodge. 

GP03 Dendrobium vs Rick Dom II Zaku II Musai cruiser

The Zakus and Dom pursue it, GP03 loses all but 1 Momentum and then its struck by two bazooka shots and machine gun fire.  On the Musai’s phase, unluckily GP03 roll two very poor Evasions and the twin-mega particle cannons cause the I-Field to overheat and shutdown (Momentum = 0).

GP03 has taken 2600DMG so far.

GP03 Dendrobium vs Rick Dom II Zaku II Musai cruiser

Round 3

Starting Momentum GP03:1 / D:3.  Closing Momentum  GP03:0 / D:3

GP03 fortunately goes first, and fires off another two micro missile attacks taking down two Zakus and a Rick Dom gaining some crucial Momentum.  It then uses Full Throttle to put itself behind the Musai and away from the Mobile Suits. 

GP03 Dendrobium vs Zaku II and Musai cruiser

The remaining Zaku with a bazooka lands a lucky shot taking out a big chunk of GP03’s Momentum.  Two of the Zakus who had tried to flank earlier were in range for melee, one them getting through GP03s defenses and dealing 800 DMG.  The Musai cruisers only have a 45 degree turning radius which prevented them from firing.

Musai cruisers

GP03 has taken 3700DMG so far.

GP03 Dendrobium vs Zaku II and Musai cruiser

Round 4

Starting Momentum GP03:1 / D:4.  Closing Momentum  GP03:1 / D:0

A Zaku is up first and its heat hawk continues to cut through GP03’s armor, it proves skillful enough to avoid its antiship beam saber.  GP03 throws it off with a barrel roll and uses its last set of micro missiles.

Zeon takes a gamble by burning through all its Momentum to save a Zaku with the bazooka who retaliates and blasts into GP03s armor.  The remaining Zaku’s pursue, two of the Musai’s continue to turn while the third Musai is able to get GP03 in its firing arc striking it with missiles.

GP03 has taken 4800DMG so far.

GP03 Dendrobium vs Zaku II and Musai cruiser

Round 5

Starting Momentum GP03:2 / D:1.  Closing Momentum  GP03:5 / D:0

GP03 lucks out and goes first, it starts with an antiship missile into the far Musai sinking it, the folding bazookas take out the Zaku with the bazooka and lastly a chain mine sinks the last Musai.  Game set match.

GP03 Dendrobium vs Zaku II and Musai cruiser

Post Mortem

We decided to not use Pilot Skills like “Tear through the Ranks” or “All-Out Attack” for this game since we wanted to prove it was possible for a single 1200pt unit to beat a 1200pt army. I did it, but it was certainly tough and had I lost initiative in Round 3 I might have lost.

The most important thing for me was to generate as much Momentum with GP03 as I could. This meant I needed to take down as many units as I could early, which is usually pretty hard since my opponent also starts off with 6 Momentum to use on Defense. I decided to go with the micro-missiles for most of my attacks since the sheer number of shots would overwhelm my opponent where they most likely wouldn’t have enough Momentum to save a unit. If I could do that, they I could score some kills and gain Momentum.

I used the Ace Skill – Flawless Evade a lot in Rounds 1 & 2, even in Round 3 too but it burned through all my Momentum at that point. I also wasn’t expecting to roll terribly against the Musai’s and their MPC ruined my I-Field. At that point I figured I was toast, 200 more damage and the Dendrobium Stamen was going to make an appearance, but fortunately due to my high movement I was able to shake the Zakus who were going to pulverize me in melee and I was could just barely keep out of the firing arc of the Musai cruisers.

MechaStellar game rules and profiles for the Federation and Zeon can be found on the game downloads page.

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