MechaStellar: Unit Roster Update 22JUL21

I’m in the process of moving into my new place this week and I’m currently neck deep in boxes. This week’s update will be a small one.

Orders Update

As mentioned last time we have a small tweak to the Orders system. Inspired by a post by Hellebore in this thread as a way to cut down on Stratagem bloat we decided to adjust how we handle Orders in MechaStellar. Here is how we implemented it.

Orders have a Momentum Cost. You may use any Order currently available. You may only issue one order per turn.

Every army has the Improvise Command by default. Choose two additional Orders to be used by your Army this battle. The first time you use an Order it is free, the second time you use it requires you pay it’s Momentum Cost. You may only issue one order per unit turn.

The advantage of this system is that it cuts down on choice paralysis or needing to memorize every order available. It also let’s you choose a powerful order that you can use for free, or cheap orders that you don’t mind reusing over and over again since you can afford the Momentum cost. We have added 8 additional Orders bringing the total to 13 to give you some flexibility on which ones you choose. New Orders are shown in Red Text. We also updated a sentence under Versus mode (shown in Red text) to account for this change.

Campaign Cooperative Mode Updates

By request a few of the later missions in the mission packs will have a higher difficulty. Look forward to an updated Mission Pack and more Missions in early August.

Enemy Commanders will be allowed to use Momentum to protect themselves. Some missions will also have additional enemies to deal with if you found the Mission too easy. We’ve also added five additional options for Pilot Traits. Two Defensive ones and two Offensive ones at the Cost+10 range. There is now a ranged counterpart to Merciless Melee at the 20pt range. Lastly a blurb was added to the Co-op section to clarify that you can save your acquisition points for later purchases and you can purchase multiple units at a time if you so desire.

Red Text Updates
-Commands pg18-19
-Versus Mode pg23
-Coop Mode pg25-28

Zeon Roster Additions (3):

-Zaku II Dozle Custom
-Zaku II R1A Variants

Dozle Zabi was a giant, every Mobile Suit he piloted had to be specially modified cockpit just to hold him. His Zaku II had a ceremonial paint job which he used when inspecting the space attack forces but he also took it with him into battle wielding a gigantic heat hawk. We elected to make the unit cheaper and eschew a ranged weapon to keep with Dozle’s style of chopping down the bridge of a space ship.

Shin Matsunaga was a close confidant of Dozle Zabi and guarded him closely during the Battle of Loum against Dozle’s wishes. Shin was away from the battlefield when Dozle fell in the Battle of Solomon piloting the monstrous Big Zam mobile armor (or perhaps Mobile Fortress would be the better term). Shin Matsunaga has been a fan favorite for a while, gaining his own special campaign route in the PS2 game Gundam Encounter’s in Space as well has starring in several spin-off Mangas. A top-scoring ace who allegedly was never hit he survives into the AEUG era and may be the mysterious pilot of the Gold Zeta Gundam.

Anavel Gato is well known as the principle antagonist in Gundam 0083 A Stardust Memory. He was one of many Zeon Aces during the OYW and we are including his Zaku R1A sporting a bazooka for use in your games. He’s a hard to take down enemy in versus mode, and gives you another R1A loadout for use in Campaign mode. In the 0083 Rebellion Manga, a retelling of the 0083 OVA we see Gato in the R1A with a cache of hidden weapons going toe-to-toe with GM Custom’s used by the Immortal 04th Team.

Misc Updates
-Dom Tropen & Cannon (Low Cost+1, Removed Flash)
-Gundam Ground Type (Low Cost-1, Reinforce+1 HP 2000 -> 2500)
-Zaku R1A (Performance 4->5, Thrusters-1)

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