MechaStellar – Demo Games March 2022

Hi folks, here are a few photos and some brief battle reports for some demo games we got in during March at our FLGS. Seen above we had one side set up for the 08th MS Team and the other for Gundam Wing. We had a blast using the MechaStellar ruleset for a Gundam tabletop game.

The Gundam Wing games were a lot of fun. The first one was a battle between Wing and Tallgeese and a few Leos. Both Wing and Tallgeese had a good amount of movement so the Wing player spent their time staying away from the Tallgeese and trying to line up their Buster Rifle to hit multiple targets. Meanwhile the Tallgeese kept hammering into the Gundanium armor.

The next match a new player chose Heavy Arms over Wing. Unfortunately for the Tallgeese who charged over in Round 1, it was defeated by Heavyarms who was able to disengage and then fully unload; the last bit of Tallgeese’s HP was taken out by Heavyarms overwatch.

For the 08th MS Team we had two back to back battles. Our first player chose Zeon and wanted to make the most of the Gouf Custom. A brilliant battle was fought but the dice were on Shiro’s side and he was able to defeat the Gouf Custom in Melee. Points wise it was a very close victory.

In the second battle our second player chose the Federation. A hard fought battle ended with the Dom taking out a Gundam ground type while once again the Gouf Custom was beaten by Shiro. The Zeon player almost won on points until that happened.

Finally we had a One Year War (OYW) battle between the experienced crew of the White Base vs the forces of A Baoa Qu. While Zeon outnumbered the Federation heavily our third player was surprised by how much he was able to accomplish with just the Gundam and two Guncannons. Early on it appeared that Zeon would have an overwhelming victory scoring more than double the Federations victory points but that all changed in Round 4.

The Zeon player got too aggressive and ran low on Momentum. This was the perfect time for the Gundam to shine. As Amuro began dispatching Zakus he used the “Tear through the Ranks” pilot skill allowing him to keep slicing Zakus in half with his beam saber. Thanks to his “Fearsome” pilot skill he gained a bonus momentum for each destruction allowing him to keep using the skill. The carnage of this round wiped out nearly every Zaku.

The Zeon player did have his high movement Dom’s left and just one Gelgoog who were able to exact revenge and take down Hayato’s Guncannon. Kai swore revenge and wiped out a pair of Dom’s himself that turn, amazingly killing one with just melee strikes from his fists. The dice were certainly on his side!

Big thanks to everyone who came out to try the game!

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