[MS] Tactics – Neue Ziel

For recently released some of the most spectacular Mobile Armors from Mobile Suit Gundam featured in 0083: Stardust Memory with the GP03 Dendrobium Orchis and the Neue Ziel.  Two iconic and bombastic Mobile Armors that are featured in the finale of the 0083 OVA.

The Neue Ziel is an impressive mobile armor taking a Big Zam like approach to firepower and combining it with a very mobile unit as well as a good amount of missiles for additional non-beam firepower.  It sports megaparticle guns on its front and back-tail, missiles on its front and back-tail and a large Megabeam launcher on its torso.  As a result we gave it a trait that allows it fire most of its weapons in a 360 degree arc, which we also backported to the Big Zam. 

The mega particle guns on the Neue Ziel can put out a lot of shots up close both to Mobile Suits and especially to Stellar Warships as we saw in 0083 Stardust Memory. If you can spare the Momentum the wire-guided beam guns inside its claws are very useful for taking out unsuspecting targets.

The Neue Ziel is no slouch in melee it boasts four hidden arms that can hold beam sabers in a defensive manner, and as seen in 0083 Rebellion were quite useful freeing itself from restraints.  While the GP03 is best at using hit and run tactics the Neue Ziel functions very well at close range due to its short rapid fire range on the mega particle guns.

Lastly, the Neue Ziel is fitted with a quasi psycommu system, a computer based system that allows for old types to use newtype-esque wireguided weapons; this system first debuted in Gundam Sentinel and many concepts from that series (and mechanical design aesthetics) were reborn in 0083.  This control system allowed Gato to send off the wire guided claws to fire its beam weapons, much like Char’s Zeong from 0079 and it could also be used to launch deadly surprise attacks with the claws which in the show ended up disabling the I-Field generator from the Dendrobium Orchis.  You can recreate this in your games by using the optional Battle Damage Rules.

Like the Big Zam the Neue Ziel also comes with an I-Field generator, a potent barrier that blocks beam shots at the expense of battlefield Momentum. It is an extremely powerful trait but your opponent can get around it. The first is brute force, by hitting you with enough beam weapons to overheat the I-Field by dropping your Momentum to 0. Fortunately, Gato’s pilot trait generates Momentum itself and as an Ace Pilot he gets the Flawless Evade skill that allows him to avoid all ranged attacks for a small cost in the early rounds of the game.

The second way to overcome the I-Field, is to ignore it entirely and focus on using conventional weapons such as bazookas and missiles, something that GP03 has in excess. That said many other Federation space based forces focused almost exclusively on beam weapons. Although the GMs from 0083, both the GM Kai (Type C) and the GM Custom both used machine guns in lieu of beam rifles.

With whatever you are facing the best course of action is always to wipe out as many units as quickly as possible to generate Momentum which will be used to protect yourself. Use micromissiles to take out low HP units and beam weapons to annihilate stellar warships..

Neue Ziel by Hirotoshi Sano

This are exceptionally powerful units both clocking in at 1000+ points.  If you’re going to use them it should be against one another, or in very large scale battles.  Make sure you set up a very large debris field, no smaller than 48″x48″ and preferably 6ft by 4ft.

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