[MS] – Playtest Photos week of 15AUG

Here are some quick playtest photos of this past weekend. The first one shows units from Pacific Rim, giant robots called Jaegers built to defend humanity from giant monsters named Kaiju. Fantastic first movie, highly recommend if you haven’t gotten a chance to see it. Jaegers and Kaiju use the rules for ‘Gigas’ a slower but more durable type of Mech and in this case giant monster. It’s also been fun testing out a new ‘Defend the City’ game type we hope to release soon.

The other playtest photos were just some testing of tactics as well as different combinations of Orders to see which ones fit which armies the best. In these the Zeon player was attempting to maximize using “Take the Shot” pilot skill which allowed them to fire outside max range without penalty, while his units stuck in the far back of cover. The Federation player quickly scooped up midfield objectives, but then lost their best units to some bad rolls early on. It ended in a sound defeat after a pair of Gelgoogs made it all the way to the backlines and took out the Guncannon artillery support.

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