[MS] Design Goals VER 8 – Commands

While we were working on the revisions to Pilot Level we reexamined Commands that affected only a single model and especially those reserved for Ace Pilots and moved them over to the new and improved Pilot Skills section. After that we looked at our remaining Commands and modified them to affect multiple units as well as adding additional ones. Below are some examples below the break.

Ambush and Coordinated Fire were adjusted to affect up to three units. Coordinated Fire is now quite a bit more powerful allowing you to activate several units at once which would be perfect if you’d like to do a Jet Stream Attack with the Black Tri-Stars. Missile Screen & The Valiant were adjusted to affect your entire army instead of a single unit. The Valiant will be a powerful tool for the round which lets your units punch above their weight class in Melee.

For new Commands we’ve added in some Army wide Commands that used frequently back in Version 4 & 5. These Commands give a useful bonus in the first round of combat. Lightning Raid gives a Movement and Melee bonus, Overwhelming Fire Power gives a bonus to Shots or Accuracy, Evasive Maneuvers gives an Evasion bonus outside short range. We’ve also added in Reinforcements which allows you to return some destroyed units to the battle as new reinforcements, it’s a great tool to let you replenish your forces and stay in the fight.

Some of the individual commands were kept and renamed to Events to better reflect a massive change in the narrative of your battle. For example “It’s Gone Berserk!!!” can of course be used for an Evangelion unit but also for Shiro Amada in the Ez-8 when he tears off his own arm to fight off Norris Packard’s Gouf Custom. In the future we’ll expand Events a bit to include negative consequences such as an Event that causes your opponent to skip shooting for a turn due to needing to reload or recharge.

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