(MS) Design Goals – Iconic Moments

We touched upon this briefly in our Lethality post. One goal we always strive for with weapon design is to ensure you can still replicate your favorite moments from your show. You don’t want a weapon to be too weak that it can’t do something you’ve seen on screen.

In the Lethality post we talked about GM’s and the Dom as well as the Gouf Custom and Guntank from the 08th MS Team. Since Gundam is a favorite series of ours we keep it in mind often when doing weapon design.

For the GM and Doms we had to consider the beam spray gun. The Beam Spray gun was notable for being able to punch a hole through a Dom and destroy it. In earlier version of the game that meant that the total damage of the beam spray gun had to be equal to or greater than the Dom’s HP. This is one of those driving factors we consider before making a chance to a core mechanic.

Let’s say the Dom has Reinforced Level 1 which gives +100 HP. If we make a change to Reinforce that gives them +200 or +400 HP instead, we need to consider if that HP boost is going to suddenly push him outside the lethal range of the Beam Spray Gun. Similarly for the machinegun damage and the HP of a Guntank. When you have several constraints like that it can make Design and revision quite the tricky business.

Thankfully for the Beam Spray Gun we came up with the current Penetration / Armor Save system in Version 4. All the way back on June 23, 2020; hard to believe that was a year ago, but lock downs sure made the time fly by for us. In the PEN / ARM Sv system if a MS is hit by a penetrating weapon there’s a chance they will be instantly destroyed. This mechanic opened up a lot of flexibility from a design perspective since it allowed certain weapons to have a instant-kill factor and allow us to dial down the damage.

Since MechaStellar isn’t tied to any one universe we want to make sure it has the ability to replicate scenes from your favorite show. Whether it be Amuro driving his beam saber into the Big Zam, an Evangelion slaying an Angel with a progressive knife, or Escaflowne slaying a Guy Melef we wanted to make sure the rules could offer that type of scene, even if it meant pouring out copious resources like draining your pilot skill or army momentum.

One of these days when we finally settle on a ruleset for instellar spaceship (the 2nd half of the Mechastellar portmanteau) we’ll be able to replicate a Red Zaku destroying a battleship or a Gaw carrier.

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