[MS] Playtest – Alex and Kampfer

Below you’ll find some playtest photos of a recent game and memorable game using 0080 units. While it seemed one sided for most of it, the Federation came very close to victory near the end, and in a rematch game a change in Tactics resulted in a clean sweep for the Federation.

When designing a unit it goes through a few different playtests with the parameters tweaked each time. With the Kampfer we wanted to try it at different Frame Levels to see which one felt lethal enough, also with different Commands to see which would suit its playstyle best.

The Alex is a bit tricky since it will be using a new rule called “Hidden Beneath”. This rule, which we originally used on the Super Gundam (MK II) allows you to replace the powerful model with it’s weaker version after sustaining enough damage. Alex is a unique case since the heavily armor Chobham armor system wasn’t a strict upgrade, and if anything limits the potential of the Alex. So it’s good to get a few tests in to nail down how we want the mechanic to work and how much it should cost.

Federation Forces: Gundam Alex (Chobham Armor), GM Sniper II (Beam Sniper), Guncannon MP x2

Zeon: Kampfer, Gelgoog Jaeger, Zaku FZ x2

Round 1 – Alex boldly pushes forward and weathers fire from the Kampfer and Gelgoog Jager.  The Zaku II FZs flank while the GM Sniper II and Guncannon MP fire away at the Kampfer lowering its momentum

Round 2 – Alex goes first once more and tries to take out the Gelgoog J, due to some great Evade rolls and Melee blocks the Gelgoog J stands.  It breaks off from melee and continues blasting with its beam spot gun.  Alex has taken enough damage that the Chobham armor has been removed. 

GM Sniper II uses Gunner’s gambit & Focus to once again send 5 shots at the Kampfer, which sadly are completely evaded.  Kampfer uses its excellent movement to move across the board, uses its Shotgun and chain mine to wipe out the GM Sniper II, then uses the “Tear through the Ranks” command to moves towards the Guncannon MP to attack it with its beam saber, it lucks out and passes its armor save.  The Guncannon MPs lay down all their fire but the Kampfer proves too nimble (and its Momentum reserves too high.)

Round 3 – Kampfer finishes off the both Guncannons, then fires a bazooka shot into the backside of Alex, Alex narrowly evades at the cost of 1 Momentum. Alex heads towards the Kampfer the Gatling Gun nearly takes the Kampfer out but it blows through 5 Momentum to survive.  The Zaku’s and Gelgoog J surround the Alex and fire.

Round 4 – Alex lucks out and goes first.  Gatling guns finish off Kampfer, the beam rifle and beam saber finish off the Gelgoog J.  On the Zaku’s turn 4 shots make it through from their close range bursts finishing off Alex.  Once again Alex is defeated by a Zaku.

Overall some very fun tests, the Kampfer and Alex will make fine additions to your army when they release tomorrow.

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