[MS] Playtest – Gundam Wing Units

Gundam Wing was the first Gundam show to arrive in America and was an immensely popular hit when it landed. It also had some very distinctly stylized and memorable Gundams. Units from Gundam Wing will be the first AU that get added to the supplemental roster for MechaStellar. Normally we see these Gundams destroying Leos, Aries, Taurus and Virgos en masse, for this test we were comparing their relatively power against one another. Below are some photos for a 3 on 3 Gundam battle while I was still unpacking the house.

Note: Since there is no 1/400 scale Epyon model, Burning (God) Gundam was used as a placeholder.

Team A – Wing Zero, Deathscythe Hell, Sandrock Kai

Team B – Epyon, Heavy Arms Kai, Altron

Round 1 – Wing Zero fires off the Twin Buster rifle and melts off several Momentum points from the enemy. It then gets dogpiled in Melee.

Round 2 – Deathscythe defeats Heavy Arms. Wing Zero escapes with a scrap of HP left. Sandrock rushes in to support.

Round 3 – Altron’s flamethrower wipes out the Leos from behind. Sandrock tries to take him out but Altron wallops Sandrock with a counterattack instead.  Epyon brings down Wing Zero

Round 4 – Wufei hangs on with 100 HP weathering Deathscythe’s Onslaught.  On his turn he retaliates then breaks away and uses his Dragon Fangs to nearly finish off Deathscythe.  Sandrocks beam submachine gun finishes off the last 100HP from Altron Gundam after both sides exhaust their Momentum.  Epyon finishes off Deathscythe.

Round 5 – Momentum tied at 4, Epyon wins Initiative.  Both sides wail on each other. Sandrock manages a Counterattack.

Round 6 – Epyon wins Init again and finishes off Sandrock who botches their Counterattack roll.

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