[MS] Unit Roster Update 27NOV21

By Kazuaki Koizumi

Happy Thankgiving! For this week’s update we have four more Amphibious units for Zeon. Latest unit profiles can be found here.

The early Zeon amphibious units are known for being quite heavy, well armored, slow lumbering, and packed with beam weapons.  For comparison iconic Zeon suits like the Zauk, Gouf & Dom have an emtpy weight of 55-62 tons the four amphibious units being released today have an empty weight range of 90-170 tons.  The Zock being the heaviest was essentially a mobile turret, it is notable for being one of the few units to take a hit from a Beam Rifle dead on and be unphased by it.  The Gogg was slightly more mobile and while being much deadlier in Melee; it’s successor series the Hy-Gogg was a radical redesign which created a well-balanced high performing unit.   

The next two units were stealth oriented.  The first is the AC Guy, a diminutive mobile suit with stubby arms and an silly face, the mobile suit was piloted by some comedic relief characters in the original Gundam and the AC Guy itself often adopted human-like expressions making it a fan favorite. 

The AC Guy was renowned for being very agile and especially stealthy thus the Interceptor Role (Evade bonus) and the Ambusher equipment slot.  The Agg Guy, or Agguguy first debuted in Mobile Suit Variations, with a similar design to the AC Guy this one traded out all its weapons to instead rely on multiple heat rods, the same type used by the Gouf. 

Next week we’ll shift gears and look at units from a different Mecha series, Getter Robo.

Summary of Changes

-Added 4 Amphibious Units

-The Range column now lists “Melee” instead of 2″ to accommodate players using larger models (i.e. 1:144 scale)

-Adjusted Weapon & Unit Profiles for Rick Dom Royal Guard, Gundam Pixie, Gipsy Danger, Crimson Typhoon, Cherno Alpha, Striker Eureka, Tacit Ronin, Knifehead, Leatherback, Otachi, Slattern, Zeruel

Weapon Update

-Twin or Dual Melee weapons are going from “+1 Hit” to “+1d10 Attack” to add some more variance to Melee. 

-Heavy duty Titan weapons go from 3 Slots to 4 Slots in cost but gain a trait. 

-Heat Saber & Large Heat Hawk switched to Melee ATK+1d10. 

-Range 4″ Weapons are getting bumped up to 8″ which applies to Heat Rods, Acid Jets, Flash (Dom), and Rocket Anchor (Gouf), they are also gaining +1 Shot. 

-The Progressive Knife (and Giant Drill for next week) are being revised to PEN 3 and every 10 rolled gives +1 PEN.

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