[MS] New Units – RX78-6 Mudrock

We’ll be doing several posts leading up to the end of the month for the new units we are adding.  We’ll start off with the RX78-6 Gundam Mudrock, which was requested in our MechaStellar Unit Request thread here

The RX78 series is the designation for the original Gundam with the RX78-2 being the star of Mobile Suit Gundam piloted by Amuro Ray.  The RX78-3 or G-3 was put together from the spare parts of the original Gundam project after Char’s surprise attack in the first episode, the G-3 tested the magnet coating (sometimes referred to as magnetic coating) which would later be applied to Amuro’s Gundam near the end of the show as a way for the Gundam to keep up with Amuro’s increasingly faster and near superhuman reaction speed. 

Following this we had Gundam Unit’s 4 & 5 which premiered in the PS2 Gundam game “Encounters in Space” during the Thoroughbred campaign route.  They later appeared in a full-fledged manga titled Space: To the End of a Flash or Beyond the Blaze depending on the translation.  Unit 6 appeared in the Gundam game Zeonic Front, it is notable for being the only Gundam not to receive the magnet coating of Units 2-7, as a result we kept its performance at 3. 

Zeonic Front is a very fun squad based game where you take control of a Zeon unit performing a number of hit and run operations against the Federation with the main antagonist being the Gundam Mudrock piloted by Lt Agar.  The Mudrock as well as the Armored GMs were the Federations answer to the Dom, a hovering mobile suit and an impressive one at that.  While the Armored GMs are very similar to a Dom the Mudrock has the look of a Gundam / Guncannon hybrid, sporting the powerful beam rifle and shield of the Gundam and powerful shoulder cannons of the Guncannon.  It also has a set of arm-mounted grenade launchers. 

Mudrocks generator was powerful enough to recharge its beam rifle overcoming a significant flaw of the original Gundam, although it was still a time consuming process; because of this it’s conventional weaponry allowed it to stay in the fight and provide fire support while its beam rifle recharged.  So with Mudrock we have a firepower heavy unit that is surprisingly mobile, we opted for the Raid type to mirror the hovering Dom, initially we were considering giving it the Heavy Arms tag but since we were able to recreate all the suits armaments as well as a hefty dose of armor we instead kept the Indomitable type to represent the sheer.

You can find more information on Mudrock at MAHQ.

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