MechaStellar – Feb 2022 Update

For this month’s MechaStellar update we are wrapping up some unit requests we received for more RX78 Gundam units as well as Big O with a total of 24 new units added. We are also releasing a Narrative Campaign following the first portion of the 1974 Getter Robo manga.

The Gundam units will be focused on in separate posts so we’ll start off with The Big O here. Big O was a unique mecha anime blending together styles of film noir, detective fiction, and of course giant robots. The art style was reminscient of the 90s animated batman, the opening theme evokes the same fun as a Queen song and it had the enjoyable episodic jump in content you’d expect out of other classic Sunrise shows like Cowboy Bebop.

The mecha in Big O is called a Megadeus which is a greek-latin combination of Great and God which is appropriate for their giant size and deity-like faces. Our hero, Roger Smith, a Bruce Wayne-like character is a negotiation for Paradigm city, a surviving city after a world wide cataclysm, no one has any memories of what happened 40 years ago so they go about their days in this new world. Roger calls upon the Megadeus Big O to fight ancient relics as well as other giant robots. If you haven’t seen it’s a fun ride and well worth the time.

The Getter Robo campaign marks our third Narrative campaign and offers a different advancement system compared to the one in Sandbox campaigns. 100VP are needed to advance a pilot to Level 1 and an addition 200 VP are required to advance a pilot to Level 2. You may use the traits already assigned for Ryoma, Hayato and Benkei or you can choose new ones. We’re happy with how the campaign turned out but appreciate any feedback you might have, especially if you are finding it too difficult. This will help us when designing the next few missions for the Getter Robo campaign.

Summary of February Updates

New Units added:

Big O – 5 MegaDeus units added

Zeon – Gelgoog Ground (G), Gelgoog Gunthar (GD)  Efreet Schneid

Federation – RX78-6 Mudrock, 7th Gundam, FA 7th, Heavy FA 7th, Full Armor Gundam & Type B, Heavy Gundam, Gunner Gundam, G-Line Standard, Assault and Light.

Getter Robo – 5 Mechasaurus Units

Unit Profile Updates

Rearranged Zeon’s aquatic units so they appear earlier

Fixed an error for Otachi’s Killer Tail

Fixed an error on Armor Saves for the Evangelion units affecting Bardiel, Sachiel and Gaghiel

Revised Gundam Units 4 & 5 to be Indomitable

Based on feedback we lowered the Momentum Cost for some of the Death-Ray type AOE weapons. Affects: Big Zam, Sachiel, & Zeruel

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