[MS] Wing Gundam – Tactics

The eponymous Wing Gundam is the first Gundam we see in Gundam Wing.  In breaking with formula it’s the first time we see a Gundam lose in the opening episode where it is defeated by Zechs Merquise using a Leo Old Type.  Zech’s uses the Leo to grapple with Wing before plummeting through the atmosphere and into the ocean, where they are astonished that both the mobile suit and the pilot survive. Below are some tactics if you plan on using them in a Gundam Tabletop game or a SRW Tabletop game with the MechaStellar ruleset.

Wing is piloted by Heero Yuy, an emotionless child soldier (an archetype later reprised in Gundam 00) a blank slate which the audience can easily insert themselves into.  Heero is always committed to carrying out his mission, often with a self-destructive streak which is actually a great way to play Wing on the tabletop. 

Wing is armed with a very powerful Buster rifle that in the show frequently annihilates several suits each time it fires, it is limited by the energy cartridges with the number of shots tending to vary between publications and the manga retelling.  We represented this by making the Buster Rifle using the powerful ‘death ray’ weapon template and having a high Momentum cost so as the battle wears on you run out of Momentum if you keep firing it.

While Wing is very powerful at long range combat it is no slouch in Melee either, and can easily deal with Leo and Aries units in Melee combat.  It’s Shield provides a great deal of defense in both Melee and at range.  Heero’s traits give him +1 bonus Momentum at the end of every round and the Lone Wolf trait which gives a Focus action when there are no allied units nearby.  This is easy to meet since often Wing will become a lightning rod units that your opponent will want to deal with rather than leave a unit with the buster rifle to operate freely.

Should things get too dicey you can always activate the “Self-Destruct” Command while surrounded.

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