[MechaStellar] Unit Roster Update 31MAY2022

For this month’s MechaStellar update we have more units from Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory to use for Gundam Tabletop Wargames. 

This month’s update will be a short one, we wanted to have more time to test out the iconic mobile armors of 0083 so the Dendrobium Orchis and Neue Ziel will have to wait till next month.  In their stead we are releasing the GP04 Gerbera as well as the GP04 Gerbera Tetra and the Dra-C.  The GP04 is the Unit 04 of the Gundam Development Project (GP series).  The GP04 was meant to be a deep striker unit with a long range beam rifle and three giant sturm boosters giving it a large amount of propellant.  When the GP01 was repaired and modified into the GP01-Fb it’s impressive space performance put a pause onto GP04 since it was deemed the two units would be fulfilling very similar roles.

0083 introduces the concept of Anaheim Electronics (AE) being arms merchants who play both sides of the conflict and does a more thorough job fleshing out the different parts of AE as well as the various divisions that acquired former Zeon Mobile Suit producers.  The strife within the company and the sympathies towards Zeon leads to the mostly complete GP04 being transferred to the Cima fleet where it is modified into the GP04 Gerbera Tetra, the personal unit of Cima Garahau.  In the 0083 Rebellion Manga retelling the GP04 makes an appearance used by an AE test pilot in a mock battle with the GP01-Fb.

If you ever come across a Gundam Fix Figuration box it allows you to add the additional red armor plating to transform the GP04 Gerbera into the Gerbera Tetra.  You can read more about the GP04 Gerbera and Gerbera Tetra on MAHQ.

While both units are built on the same chassis we wanted to ensure they played very differently, with the Tetra being an agile close in striker with a potent beam machine gun and the GP04 being a long distance sniper type.  The Beam Machine Gun was modified to be distinct from the one used by the Gelgoog Marine Commander (and the Jaeger) boasting a higher rate of fire but a shorter range.  Cima retains the pilot skills she had while using the Gelgoog Marine while the GP04 is left at Pilot Level 0. For your own Gundam Tabletop games you are more than welcome to add your own custom pilot.  Putting in a level 2 Pilot would cost +200pts (including the +20pts for Pilot Traits).

Lastly we have the Dra-C, a Mobile Suit cobbled together from Zaku II parts missing legs. It is a high speed assault weapon, almost suicidal in its tactics used by the Delaz fleet.  The stock Dra-C is only armed with a 40mm Vulcan gun and a small panel shield salvaged from warship debris.  The Custom includes a 120mm Zaku Machine gun and higher speed.  Both are built using the Zaku II F2, a revised / upgraded of the standard F type Zaku, we elected to downgrade the Performance compared to the Zaku II F2 since they are missing legs and AMBAC is a very important part of MS performance in Gundam.  You can read more about the Dra-C and Dra-C Custom on MAHQ.

When running these units the extra action is key to making the Dra-C effective.  While you may be tempted to use that Bonus action on Full Throttle to streak across the battlefield, remember that the Standard Dra-C is essentially a high speed Beam Saber platform.  It is often best to use Full Throttle to move to LoS blocking cover, that way in the next round you may be able to engage in Melee without using Full Throttle, if you can then you can use both actions on Focus (Melee) to hit on a 3++ which will be very important if you’re fighting MS from that time period like the GM Kai who have a superior Melee die pool.

Next month we’re shooting to release the Dendrobium Orchis and the Neue Ziel.  Big Zam will be using the new and improved I-Field ability that was devised after testing the aforementioned units.

Unit Profiles Update Summary

-New Units added: GP04 Gerbera, GP04 Gerbera Tetra, Dra-C, Dra-C Custom

-Big Zam I Field ability updated

-Fixed cost error on Tallgeese

– +1 PEN on Beam Spray Guns (and equivalent pistols). +1 Pen on Hy-Gogg MPC, (and equivalent Beam Machine Guns)

Core Rules Update Summary

-Updated Defend the City so VP are easier to achieve when playing with larger cities

-Upgraded the Unbeaten Pilot Skill to be +2d10 Melee ATK & DEF

-Clarified verbiage on Battle Damage

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