MechaStellar – Unit Roster Update 08OCT21

This week’s update involves a number of rules update and unit profile sheet updates which can be found on the download page here.  A round-by-round example of play was also posted this week which can be found here: Setup, Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4, Round 5.  Next week we’ll be releasing additional units for Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV).  Below are a few highlights of the changes that were made over the last month and a half.


Previously we had units roughly split into three eras corresponding to Performance 0-5, 6-10, and 11-15.  While prototyping some Super Robot style units we ran into issues where there was simply too great of a gap between early units (Performance 0-5) and later units (11-15) that they effectively became wasted points.  So over several weeks we compressed all units down to Performance range of 0-10.  Of the units released thus far it only affects a handful of high performance units shown in the summary below.

Thrusters improving Evade

In VER 4-6 we allowed Thrusters to affect Evade, we removed it in VER 7 since it became a bit too easy for some units to stack Evade and become untouchable, especially in the Zeta Gundam era.  We added a bonus back in under certain conditions and with a downside, similar to how too high of a Reinforce level will weigh a unit down.  Now if Thrusters > Frame level you will gain +1 Evade but -1 Shooting since the unit wasn’t designed to operate at that speed putting too much strain on the machine and the pilot.  The Evade bonus does not stack with Raid or Interceptor type units.  Raid units have this bonus built in to their stat adjustments.

Unit Sheets

From a general usability standpoint we tweaked the color coding on units such that Pilot Traits are a different shade of purple than traits assigned to a machine.  This is handy for Campaign mode so you know which line items to replace with your Pilots skills.  Additionally, for the Mech Traits, any that mirror a pilot skill (such as the EXAM units mirroring the Berserker pilot trait) had their points increased.  Lastly, we started incorporated simple Size rules which will apply to a number of Gigas units from Pacific Rim, Evangelion, Getter Robo, Gurren Lagann and current units like the Big Zam.  Size rules give you bonus dice to use when stomping on smaller Mechs.

Rules Updates

Gigas units reverted back to using the same rules as MS when it comes to shooting weapons, one weapon per action, to compensate for this Gigas units with gargantuan over-engineered weapons are able to take an upgraded version that costs significantly more power but offers more shots.  Additionally, Heavy Arms type units now gain +1 Action but get -1 Evade in return. 

For Melee a few sections were rewritten to make it more clear what bonuses apply.  We came into a few situations where it was unclear whether or not you could apply a Shield and “Make it Count” for instance as the defender.  The rules were rewritten that “+X Hit” only apply to Counterattack while “+X Block” apply only to Block.

New Commands

Since we’ll be releasing some Super Robot  type units in the future we added in some new abilities with flavor to match.  There is Will to Power which is great for a sudden reversal or guaranteeing a finishing blow, Narrow Escape is a way to survive for a round and as a bonus units with giant drills can tunnel underground and appear elsewhere, Self-Destruct a common recourse for a pilot from Gundam Wing is also useful for an Angel from NGE.  The Valiant and Unbeaten are intended to be leveraged when fighting a stronger opponent, while hot-blooded passions is the perfect command to give while doing a reckless charge, bonus points if you come up your own name for the attack like “Blazing Chariot Kick!”

New Game Mode

Lastly we’re debuting a new game mode, Defend the City or if you like to play as stampeding monsters “Rampage”.  This is a game mode focused on protecting (or destroying) a city, so you’ll need lots of terrain pieces.  The game is intended for a CO-OP experience but you can easily turn it into a versus experience, either 1 on 1 or 1 vs many while one person controls the Monsters and the others control one Mech each.  This game mode has the most fun when there are 2+ monsters rampaging.

That’s all for this week, as always thanks for reading. A Summary of changes is posted below.

Summary of Changes

Design Math

Adjusted the Evade & Move formula for Mobile Armors (Gigas class Mechs) so it was less punishing

Fixed an error on Move formula where its growth was off-sync with Evade

Updated the Melee formula to match Shooting growth.  The following units received a boost to Melee:

Zeon: Zaku Desert Type, Zaku F2 / FZ / R Type, Dom Variants, Gouf Custom and Flight Type, Efreets, Gyans, Gelgoog, Z’Gok, Z’Gok E, Hy-Gogg

Federation: All Gundam Types, Guncannon MP, GM Cold Districts, GM Command Space, Desert GM, GM Sniper II

Adjusted the Evade formula such that units with a Thrusters level > Frame level receive +1 Evade but -1 Shooting.  These modifiers do not stack with Raid or Interceptor types.

Adjusted Raids such that they have -1 Shooting but +1 Evade.

Heavy Arms units give +1 Action but -1 Evade

Unit Sheets

Stat Compression – Performance 5 -> 4  Zaku R1A/R2, Gouf Variants, Gyan variants, Gelgoog Jager, Kampfer, Act Zaku Commander, GM Sniper II.  Performance 4->3 Char’s Gelgoog.  Evangelions reduced to 5&7

Applied a color coding for Mechs with light purple being a pilot trait and dark purple being a trait for the Mech. 

Increased points for mech traits that mirror Pilot Traits (such as the EXAM system mirroring Berserk)

Unified rules verbiage for Berserk abilities

Updated rules text for Size traits

Corrected error where Ambusher wasn’t displaying for GM Nightseeker. 

Updated Ambush to be outside Sensor range or behind LOS cover.

Adjusted Flight Mode – Allows you to ignore terrain and reroll Evade.  Cost increased to +20

Corrected an error on the Dom High-Speed Test Type weapon choice and WT

Zaku II F2 – removed missile pod, gain low cost +1

Fixed an error with Big Zam’s cost, also included the “Massive” trait

Updated the Missile Profiles for the Bigro

Update Guncannon to 80pts

Updated the shots & DMG for the “Deathray” weapon profile. Also for Gigas Mechs the Moment 2 Cost was removed.

Updated Flamethrower to Overwatch V

Updated Antiship Rifle to have 4 Shots vice 3

Updated ‘Killer’ Melee Weapons & Heat Whip to PEN 3

Rules Document Updates

Removed all old red text to make it easier to see new updates

Updated Initiative into a simple d10 roll off each round.  This was changed several months ago but somehow I neglected to update the rules text all this time.

Moved a few bullets from Movement down to Engagement and removed the redundant text

Updated rules for Gigas shooting weapons to match MS rules.  Removed Gigas shooting penalties for moving 5+” and split firing.  Removed the Steady Shot Pilot Skill which was made redundant by this.

Updated verbiage on Melee clash to make Block and Counterattack more clear when it comes to abilities that modify them (+1 Hit or +1 Block)  (Thus Melee Defense and Make it Count do not stack)

Added “Shutdown” to Tactical Advantage and removed it from under Ion damage.

Added note about giant size dealing dmg to cover with full throttle

Fixed some wording on Battle Damage

Updated Pilot Traits Overconfident,  Untouchable, Prodigy & Fighting Spirit

Change Momentum Point (# MP) to just (M:#)

Updated All-Out Attack to allow you to lose 5 Momentum in lieu of shutting down

Added the following Commands: Coordinated Fire, Hot Blooded Passion, Berserk, Moment of Clarity, The Valiant, It Regenerated!?, Unbeaten, Inspiring Speech, Self Destruct, Narrow Escape, The Will to Power.

Added Commander Trait “Impressive Skill”, renamed several other traits

Revised Bold Leader to match the Shooting trait, Bold Leader now gives +1 to Melee rolls so you succeed on a 4+

Tweaked verbiage on CO-OP behavior table for Flank, renamed Berserk to Finish them off

New Game Mode added: Defend the City | Rampage!

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