[MS] Design Goals – Cross Era and Cross Universe Compatibility

One of our design goals was to ensure there is some compatibility between both eras and different mecha universes.  Cross Era compatibility would let you reenact the Jaburo drop in Zeta Gundam or the Assault on Torrington in Unicorn where you field units from different time periods and have them at least stand a chance against newer models.  Cross universe compatibility would let you mix Gundam and Evangelion for instance, or Gurenn Lagann and Getter Robo like you would in a Super Robot Wars style game. 

Previously we had set up Performance to be on a 1-15 scale, with each Era being represented by 0-5, 6-10, 11-15; in Gundam terms this roughly corresponded to One Year War (0079+), Zeta Gundam era (0087+) and Char’s Counterattack Era (0093+).  The issue that arises here is if you go too far into Performance range it becomes impossible to keep up, this made it very hard for Cross Universe play where someone might want to have an Evangelion and the original Gundam team up, while another person might want to have Nu Gundam from 0093 team up with an Evangelion, the gap between the original and Nu was simply too great. 

To resolve these we did some compression on all our existing draft units from the different eras in order to make the Shooting/Evade/Melee gap smaller.  So we went from Performance range of 0-15 to 0-10.  To use Gundam again as an example the eras look like this now OYW (0079+) will be 0-4, Zeta (0087+) will be 5-7, CCA (0093) will be 8-10 with 11 being reserved for units that begin to defy the natural laws like Shin Getter Robo or Gurren Lagann near the end of their respective series.  There will of course be some overlaps, 0083 will straddle OYW and Zeta, Sentinel will straddle Zeta and CCA. 

Compressing the different the Performance range down to 10 enabled us to meet our design goal of Cross Universe and also made Cross Era much easier.  If we can maintain the current schedule we’re hoping to start releasing 2nd Era (Performance 5-7) units for the protagonists from Zeta Gundam and Gundam Wing later this year.

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