[MS] – Unit Roster Update 06NOV21

For this week’s update we are releasing the next 5 Missions for the Gundam Sandbox style campaign for both the Federation and Zeon side. 

By request the first five missions were tweaked slightly and we’ve added Enemy Commanders for Missions 4 & 5 as well as Momentum to keep it a bit more challenging while not being too difficult for first time players.  Missions 1-5 deal with a Federation & Zeon base in the desert, Missions 6-10 involve a city being overtaken then reclaimed and a finale in the forest where a heavy-lift launch vehicle (HLV) is getting ready to launch into space with a potent weapon on board.  While Missions 4&5 are the finale of the first arc with a higher level of difficulty, we set mission 6 to be a bit easier to give you a chance to recover some acquisition points and rebuild your forces before getting into the tough missions of 8, 9 and 10.

Along with the new missions we also added a few pages at the beginning for additional guidance on how to run these co-op missions and updates to the enemy behavior.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask either here, or send us a comment/email on the blog.  We’ve posted some photos in this post for examples on how to set up some of the terrain for your missions.

Unit Profile Sheets have been updated to account for changes to weapons, stats and fixing a few errors we noticed.  Cannons and Antiship rifles have dropped down to 3 shots but with a larger range, this is to reduce the lethality of Guntanks and Guncannons who were having an exceptionally easy time in the missions. Additionally, Indirect Fire can no longer benefit from Focus or Pilot Skills like Aim or Make it Count.

The standard Shield and Super Shield have been updated so they provide a bonus block for a weapon making 5+ shots, making Shields more useful when dealing with machine guns or weapons in rapid fire range.  Melee shields lost their +1d10 Melee counterattack which has proven to be quite too strong and instead give a Reroll of 1s on Melee Defense.

Updates Summary

Unit Profile Sheets

-Added a spot to indicate if the unit is a MS or Titan

-Improved ranges for Antiship Rifle, Cannon, Indirect Fire, Zaku Desert Type’s Long Machinegun

-Reduced Shots for Antiship Rifle, Cannon, Gatling Gun, Mega Beam Launcher. Improve Shots for Death Ray (Big Zam)

-Updated Melee Shield – Removed +1d10 Melee Counterattack, added Rerolls 1s on Defense

-Updated Shields & Super Shields – Gain an additional block against attacks with 5+ shots

-Raid Types received +1 Movement

-Gave Zaku II Commander Pilot Level +1

-Corrected an error on Bigro (+1 Power, -1 Thrusters)

-Fixed an error where GM Light Armor was showing Beam Rifle when it should have been Beam Saber

-Updated Tracked Vehicle (Guntank) so it may use Full Throttle but does not gain the Evade bonus

Co-op Mission updates

-Updated Mission Objectives, Enemies per mission & units to requisition

-Added Enemy Momentum and Commanders for Missions 4+

-Added Missions 6-10

Rules Updates

-Updated Shooting to Shooting Accuracy

-Indirect Fire cannot benefit from Focus or Pilot Skills

-Full Throttle gives +1 Evade instead of Reroll Evade (also applies to Flight Mode & Transform)

-Added option for Level 1+ Pilots with Focus to instead improving Shooting Accuracy or Melee chances

-Rename – “You’re not finished yet” Command to “It’s not over yet!” Added a 500 HP regain effect as well

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