[MS] Tallgeese Tactics

Tallgeese is a mothballed prototype that was brought back into operational status in order to fight the five Gundams that landed on earth as part of Operation Meteor.  Tallgeese was originally deemed too difficult and dangerous to use until it was finally mastered by Zech’s Merquise.  Below are some tactics if you plan on using them in a Gundam Tabletop game or a SRW Tabletop game with the MechaStellar ruleset.

The Tallgeese has incredible speed, so much that Zechs suffered a heart attack when he was initially using it.  On the tabletop the Tallgeese can easily dive across the battlefield, especially if using the Full Throttle action or a high speed Commander trait.  While Tallgeese has the capability to move across the board you may want to reconsider going straight into the enemy’s lines.  Tallgeese has exceptional evasion and a decent HP pool but a bad Armor Save can take it out (or drain your Momentum pool).  Depending on what your opponent is fielding you may find the Tallgeese overmatched in Melee, especially if there are numerous enemies.

The safest way to play the Tallgeese is to use it as a hit and run vehicle.  Using it’s impressive movement to close in, fire a burst from the Dobergun, preferably in rapid fire range, then retreating backwards so your opponent cannot reach you or get into their rapid fire range.  If your opponent is fielding large number of grunts, it’s best to keep Tallgeese out front since they’ll be forced to target the nearest enemy model, and the Tallgeese is likely to have the highest Evasion of anything Oz can field.  This will allow you to move your Leos and Aries up the field while having the Tallgeese leading the charge.

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