[MS] Gundam Sandrock Tactics

Gundam Sandrock is piloted by Quatre Raberba Winner, scion of the Winner family and is the heart of the Gundam team.  Sandrock itself is designed as a frontline Commander suit, sporting the highest Armor of all the Gundam’s with exceptional C2 suite.  Sandrock is exceptionally hard to remove so your opponent will have to decide between focusing fire or ignoring it as it moves up the field cleaving through their models. Below are some tactics if you plan on using them in a Gundam Tabletop game or a SRW Tabletop game with the MechaStellar ruleset.

Sandrock is armed with twin heat shotels, very unique looking weapons that cut through a Leo like butter.  It also possesses a flash like ability which can blind enemies, similar to the iconic Dom flash from Mobile Suit Gundam.  Later in the series it gains a beam machine gun while operating in Space.  It is often leading the Maganac Corps, guerilla mobile suits operated by his retainers and bodyguards.

As the pilot Quatre is the emotional core of the team, he’s the first to convince the five Gundam pilots to stop fighting since they all share a common goal.  Later in the series with the death of his father and loss of his family’s estate Quatre snaps and eventually pilots Wing Zero, whose exceptional power destroys colonies and nearly killing Heero and Trowa.  Near the end of the series, Heero equips Sandrock with a backup Zero system which provides potent combat analysis and improvements at the risk of destroying the pilots psyche.  He trusts Quatre not to be overwhelmed by the system again.  We’ll have to include another profile for Sandrock with this equipment later on.

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