[MS] Gundam Heavyarms Tactics

Gundam Heavyarms piloted by the mysterious Trowa Barton is the fire support for the Gundam team.  Possessing exceptional armor and an overwhelming amount of firepower and enough actions to use them all in short order.  Playing as Heavyarms will require you to be judicious about your weapon use so you don’t run out too quickly, or use them too little and get overwhelmed by the enemy. Below are some tactics if you plan on using them in a Gundam Tabletop game or a SRW Tabletop game with the MechaStellar ruleset.

Heavy Arms is armed with a powerful Gatling gun, later on upgraded to two which we’ve shown here (and 4 in the Endless Waltz OVA).  It also sports a pair of gatlings hidden behind its chest armor that can obliterate foes who get too close.  It has a considerable amount of missiles but as we see in the show it tends to go for overkill when using them.  Lastly, it has a combat knife for the times it must get into melee combat and we often see the acrobatic Trowa put it to good use, often in impractical ways.

It’s pilot, a man who took the name Trowa Barton has a long history of mercenary work, he is cold and calculating with a lot going on under the surface; midway through the series it appears as though his allegiance switches over to Oz to detriment of the remaining Gundam pilots.  Ultimately he is an actor through and through, playing the role given to him.   For his pilots traits we gave him Elusive to represent his acrobatic training, and Gunnery expert to bolster his shooting.  Don’t forget that the maximum number of shots on any attack is 10, so +1 Shots from Gunnery expert can only be used on the missile attacks.

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